It Is What It Is..............

........... time has passed, and well, i'm happy to see what I see upon logging back into this profile after quite a long time.

I feel even better with my decision, and choice. I knew giving 'Nimbus' up, and hope for a better love life for him would SOON cross his path.. and it did. -- It felt perfect, and magical for so long... but I knew the distance and age difference wouldn't be able to COMPLETELY fulfill the needs required to have a stable relationship.

Knowing his rough journey, and experiences he's had to endure, i'm glad happiness has found him..... i'm glad the dark cloud has disappeared, and thus have the sun shine so bright for him.

an eternal special love shall always be held for him. and so, I end this story with a 'cheers!". Never forgotten, even though we have gone our separate paths, and chased contrasting goals.

- MZ
MizShagtastic MizShagtastic
22-25, F
May 8, 2011