An Awkward Nin Moment...

Okay so waaay back in the day-early 90's- I quite liked a bit of NIN. A housemate was a pretty big fan so I-and the rest of the street!- got to hear a fair amount of them....

Fast forward about 10 years I had moved to the country and had a radio show on the local community station. One day I found the song 'Closer' on the MP3 player. "Oooh!" I thought. "I remember quite liking this song,I'll whack it on-over the airwaves-and have a listen!"

Keep in mind my show was a Sunday afternoon slot and i played pretty chilled tracks usually. Up till that point nothing about wanting to '**** you like an animal' anyway. I turned a deep shade of hot red there alone in the studio-and I admit that I faded it out early! Still,great song!!!
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

haha! awesome. "I wanna feel you from the inside" Great song!