Trent Reznor Was My Escape Through High School

He helped me through  terrible times in High School..i'm 18 now and I first heard NiN when i was 14 and it was love at first site... Albums from my favorite to my least favorite..

1. The fragile... Can you say my life in one album?

2. With teeth.. The first songs of NiN that i've ever heard, Everyday exactly is the same to be exact :)

3. Year zero. Helped me accomplish something extremely important in my life, it really helped me change my life for the good. Also the first Album i've ever bought.

4.The downward spiral..Well, nothing really to say about this album, i mean i loved it, just nothing special to say.

5.Pretty hate machine.. Same as TDS

6.Broken.. In a sense i've saved the best for last. I've heard that this album was fueled on hatred/anger, which will be a big part of my life in the not so far future. I've hardly listened to this album, wish, once, thats it, i'm saving it for when i need it, which will be basically in the next 3 years.


CapitalG CapitalG
Mar 17, 2009