Since No One Else Is Throwing A Story Out There

My fascination with ninjas came from my sisters watching old japanese films about samurai and ninjas. and obviously anime. that was yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs ago when i was kid. always pretended to be a ninja. sneaking around, doing impossible jumps. got away with it at that age, i do free running now but dont take the risks as i am old and brittle now. i also try to self teach myself ninjutsu with fball5353, i fellow member. we fail miserably but hey we can dream >:-D
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

lol i self taught throwing weapons (shurikens spikes Kunai) swords, but my fav weapon that lured me in was the mythical one portrait in animes (its not fully mythical just how it is in animes can be) i made a 20+foot Manriki gousari (weighted chain) IRL they are not suppose to be over 4 feet long .. but i love the mass range and takes a very long time to control all that extra length , its like a double edged sword tho its just as dangerous to the user as it is to the running is fun :3 but the biggest thing is stealth, knowledge of your surroundings and control