I Love The Tv Series Nip Tuck

i've been watching nip/tuck on netflix on the wii on tv and i'm currently on season 4 episode 3 and my favorite charactor is Christian the plastic surgeon. i like shawn to. and i also liked agreane Ava's the transexual woman's adopted son. it's sad that he killed him self by stabbing him self with a knife. i think it was grose that Ava left her son to rot in her house with out calling 911 and left to paris.

i could tell that ava the actor is a real woman.

i was smart and figured out who the carvor was before they showed his face i knew it was shawn and christian's third partner.

ha ha the carvor doesn't have a penis that sucks.

teehee he had sex with christian. thats hot. and i also liked it that the carvor i forgot his name had sex with a military patient guy.

i forgot the carvors name. i hate that female cop that is the carvors sister.

so every one make some comments tell me your favorite charactors and what you think of the show.

out of 1 to 10 and 10 being the best i say that nip/tuck is a 10. Let me know what you think.

Christian Troy was molested and physically abused by his foster dad and i can relate because i was sexually molested and physically abused by my bio father since i was born tell age 15 and i went to TSA foster care at age 15 tell age 18 and the foster parents starved me and emotionally and psychologically abused me. there was no physical abuse.
AppleCherry2013 AppleCherry2013
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Jan 18, 2013