Nirvana's Music Has Left Q...

Nirvana's music has left quite an impression on me
dawnmarie dawnmarie
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 23, 2007

Nirvana is abso* awesome, i love them and listen to them all the time so yea....... Smells liek teen spirit is really good, and lake of fire and ect....<br />
<br />
With the lights out its less dangerous<br />
Here we are now<br />
Entertain us<br />
I feel stupid and contagious<br />
Here we are now<br />
Entertain us<br />
A mulatto<br />
An albino<br />
A mosquito<br />
My libido<br />
Yea<br />
<br />
heheh its catchy huh?? And listen to Sam Sparro, Black& Gold