Remembering Kurt Cobain.

Hello All,

Next month is going to be the 16 Anniversary of Kurt Cobain`s passing. I do remember where I was when I heard that he died. But that is not the purpose of this story that I have.

I do remember a few years ago, I was one of those gossipers (Now I`ve learned that lesson) because there was someone that I would rather be friends with flirting with me. I didn`t like it because I thought that he was annoying. 

I was invited to go to a Karaoke party (It was suppose to be a rehearsal for a movie, but it wasn`t) where I wanted another person that was in this same film group to show up. And this person was the one that I liked. But the woman who I gossiped with and was leading this party didn`t want him there.

Why this was memorable to me was because I remember choosing  All Apologies because of the lyrics “Everything`s my fault.“ I remember singing that song the best that I could and everybody stopped to listen to me. I don`t know if it was me bringing the same feeling of the song as Kurt did or it was because it was a Nirvana song, but the bar was silent.

Nonetheless, this film group that I was a part of did disband because of me spreading the nasty rumor. Lesson learned. 

That`s my special memory when it comes to a Nirvana song.




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Now it is time to mention what I did when I heard that Kurt Cobain died. I didn't find out about it until the next morning. I was in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada going to college there. I lived room and board at the time.<br />
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In the morning I did my usual routine, which also consist of looking at the Entertainment section of the Edmonton Journal. Now, I remember that they had a picture of Kurt Cobain on the cover, and that's when I had the intuition that something was wrong. Then I read the headline and continued to read it.<br />
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Midnight Starr

I was lying on top of my bed , listening on the radio. I had just flicked over to the station, and came in part way through the report, but I knew directly it was Kurt Cobain straight away. He was a huge talent and the machinery destroyed him. <br />
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It doesn't seem like it has been 16 years. I loved Nirvana, still do, and I remember very well what I was doing when heard about Kurt Cobain's passing. . . I was making out with my then boyfriend in his car, and the radio jock came on and made the comment in passing. It ruined my boyfriend's plans for the evening. LOL

I can't believe its been 16 years already!<br />
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Thank you for sharing your story.