My Ex But.....

I felt relaxed and quite happy when i left the party, already had a good night flirting upsetting my hubby a lot but normal that means he wake me up when he gets home when he decides to leave .So i was thinking as he is at the moment i was going to be across his knees and feel those hands that paddle the glow ,oh the glowing the heat stinging the pleading my legs kicking.**** i should have made good that silly bet at the party with Danny and his mates jason and mark. I laughed to my self remembering when i was Danny sub.
I started to walk home when Jason yelled from the side of the house, “Are you going to make good on your bet?” – he was joking. I said “Yeah, right guys!!” I laughed playfully as they escorted me home. I opened the garage door and once they could see I could get in they each gave me a hug goodnight. We stood in the garage talking for a minute when Danny then grabbed me and kissed me and whispered, “I told Jason how wild you are in bed and he thinks you’re really sexy. He’s a good friend of mine – can you please do this for me?” “DO what?” I asked. “Will you **** him, too?” he asked. I told him absolutely not and that he was master anymore and that I was tired and needed to go to bed and my guy would go mad even if he knew you were here . As we stood there talking he stopped and grabbed me and gave me a deep kiss as he hit the button to close the garage door.

He looked into my eyes with a look of pure lust and then started kissing me hard as he pinned me against the garage wall. Jason stood and watched as Danny moved his hand down to my breasts and finally to the waistband of my jeans. He unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to my knees then yanked by panties down and stuck a finger in me. I moaned and started to kiss him back. . He lifted my arms and pulled my shirt off of me. As he kissed me passionately he undid my bra and motioned Jason over to me – Jason leaned down and began to suck my left nipple – Danny reached down and began rubbing my ***** again – they were both all over me! Danny opened the back door to my car and picked me up and laid me down in the back seat, my legs hanging down the side of the seat, my jeans and panties pulled half way down. He pulled me up to the edge of the seat and lifted my feet up. Slowly and gently he slipped my black shoes off one at a time – kissing my toes in the process. He started to pull my jeans off and I let him do it then lifted my butt so he could slide my panties off. He forced my legs open revealing my bare ***** to both of them – I just laid there with my legs spread wide as they both gazed at my ***** - then I closed my eyes while they took turns fingering me before Danny leaned down and began to lick my *****.

Jason walked around to the other side of the car and opened the door. I looked back at him as I moaned in pleasure while being eaten out by Danny, my bare feet on Danny’s shoulders. I saw Jason undo his shorts and pull out his huge ****. He was already very hard as he climbed into the back seat with me. He grabbed my hands and pulled them over my head, towards him. Then he got up on the seat on his knees with his **** dangling over my forehead. I looked up at him as he lowered his **** towards my face, the head of his **** resting on my cheek. He moved closer and straddled my bare chest, still pinning me down with my hands over my head. He used his left hand to hold my wrists while he took his **** in his right hand and began to push it into my mouth. I resisted and turned at first but he was persistent and finally I gave in to him and opened my mouth for him as he shoved the head of his **** between my lips. He started to rock back and forth as I sucked his big ****. While I did this, Danny had stood up and dropped his pants and pulled out his ****. He got up on the side running board and started rubbing his bare **** up and down my bush to my *****.

I could feel pre-*** on my ***** lips as he rubbed. I turned and let Jason’s **** pop out of my mouth and said “Danny, it’s not safe – you have to wear a rubber this time or I’ll do it with my mouth or something but you can’t **** me without a condom.” He ignored my pleas and began to work his big **** into me. I tried to tell him to stop but Jason had stuck his **** back in my mouth and deep while he continued to pin my hands down above me. As I sucked him hard I felt Danny’s familiar huge **** start to enter my *****. I was going to be gang-banged and I was feeling very dirty but also very turned on. Danny was really trying to get his **** into me deep and fast – it really hurt at first – he pumped hard and each thrust worked its way a little deeper until his giant **** was completely inside me. I was trying to scream but Jason’s **** was shoved down my throat so all I could do is groan. I sucked harder as Danny grabbed my ankles and ****** me hard and deep – he was saying things like, “Jason isn’t she a good **** sucker? This is the one I told you about – she is so ******* hot. You have to try her tight little *****! I know a lot of guys that will enjoy ******* you Helen!” I was ******* all over Danny’s ****! He held my feet in the air as he pounded my ***** – I was ******* hard and moaned loudly around Jason’s **** – I wanted to scream but my mouth was full! I was bucking wildly as I felt Jason tense up and start to really throb. He grabbed my head and held me tight as he shot squirt after squirt of *** down my throat!

There was so much that I choked on it and *** dripped out of both sides of my mouth – I kept swallowing but he just kept ******* until he had spent a giant load in my little mouth, down my throat, and all over my face, hair, neck and breasts. The sight of Jason pulling his semi-hard **** out of my mouth and seeing *** drip down my chin and all over my face made Danny lose it – he grabbed my ankles tight and bit the heel of my left foot hard as he convulsed, filling my ***** with ***. He stayed in me for a few minutes until he was completely spent. When he finally pulled his **** all the way out, it fell out with a “plop” – covered in our come. I was breathing very hard and trying to recover, my ***** left open and ***-filled. He told Jason to come around for some sloppy seconds – Jason quickly came around the side of the car and was getting hard again. I sat up to get out but Danny pulled out and slowly laid me back down by putting pressure on my shoulders. I whispered, “Danny, I don’t want to do this – please….I don’t even know him….. I sucked his **** and even let him *** in my mouth – that’s enough……”, I said but Danny told me to lay back, relax and enjoy it – he told me I should just have fun…He said he had promised Jason that he could **** me. I didn’t want to do it but I lay there, legs spread, my swollen ***** exposed with *** dripping out of me, again with two men staring at my ***** and ****.

Jason stepped up onto the running board, put my bare feet on his shoulders, and rubbed his bare **** up and down my well-****** slit as he rubbed my ankles against his neck. I pleaded with him not to **** me but I had no energy left to push him away – “Jason, please don’t do this to me – you don’t have to – I already took care of you….I’m married…I don’t want to get pregnant….” But he was obviously ignoring my pleas as he stared at my body with a look of pure lust, his **** very hard, and me lying naked with my legs spread and my bare ***** in front of him. I had let myself be put in this situation so I decided to just lay there and I closed my eyes, legs spread open, relaxed and let him have his way with me as he pinned my hands above my head again and started to work his bare **** into me too. He sucked on my nipples hard as he worked his **** into me and I just let him do it – no rubber, no resistance; I just let him **** me. He pumped me hard and deep – he held my feet together in the air as he got even deeper into me. He was ******* me very rough and telling me how good my ***** felt and how tight I was. He pushed my feet back over my head which allowed his **** to drive all the way into me filling me up inside until finally I screamed and came as he shot even more come up inside of me – I could feel it deep inside of me. He pulled out for a minute but was soon hard again as I laid there trying to catch my breath, my ***** overflowing with ***. He stepped back up on the running board and without any warning or permission shoved his **** back in me and started ******* me again hard again holding my feet in the air.

He said, “Danny went in the house so I hope you don’t mind if I have your ***** just one more time. You’ve already let me **** you once so it’s really no big deal.” - I told him that I really didn’t let him **** me, he just did it and that I couldn’t do anything about it. “Well, you came too, didn’t you?” he asked. “I don’t **** strangers” I said. “I know – that’s why this time doesn’t count – we’ve already done this before!” – he said as he started to **** me harder and deeper. I think he liked that he was forcing me without my permission – I liked it too a little. He reached down and rubbed my **** before sliding his hand under me and stuck a finger roughly in my ***. Danny had been in the house for 5 or 10 minutes and when he returned, he started to open the garage door – I told him to stop! “What if someone sees us???” Just then I heard another voice and the garage door closing – it was Mark, another one of the guys from the pub. I heard Danny tell him, “Look at how hot she is – I’ll see if we can talk her into one more ****!” Through the back window of the car Danny and Mark were watching Jason **** me and it turned me on! Jason held my arms back and had my bare feet on his shoulders as he convulsed and spurted wave after wave of even more *** into my ***** – I screamed as I came – I was full of ***. As Jason got off me, Danny asked me, “Helen, can you please come out here and give our new friend some attention?” I sat up, hair tattered, face and hair splattered with *** and my ***** overflowing. They helped me step down as I knelt before Mark on the garage floor, completely naked, submissive to Danny, and I watched as Mark undid his shorts and dropped his underwear. I was on my knees naked and *** was running out of me. As Mark stood before me Danny asked me to suck his friends’ **** – I looked up and pulled his **** out and engulfed the head as I started to really suck him. I sucked him hard and let him **** my mouth until he came down my throat. Then Mark helped me up and led me to the front of my car – he made me face the hood and gently pushed me forward until my bare breasts were on the hood and I was bent over the car.

He stuck 2 fingers in my gooey slit before sliding his **** into me and then made me lick the *** off his fingers. He pushed my head against the hood as he violently ****** me. Danny was saying things like, “Hel you really are a **** – we should charge for you! How does it feel to keep getting ****** in your own home? What would your husband say? Next time I am going to **** your ***.” I had come 10 times and was about to *** again – “**** me!” I screamed as Mark added a fourth load to my overflowing *****. The guys were done with me – they had *** in me enough and were ready to leave – Danny came up and whispered, “I’ll call you tomorrow…” They handed me my shirt, bra, panties and jeans do we have a problem here ****,i nodded no and I quickly headed inside as they left. I threw back the covers and flopped down on the bed completely exhausted. I needed to take a shower before he got home.
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Don't think I should have read this at the airport, people are wondering why I am smiling so story!

Wow: very hot
Thanks for sharing

mmmm thats one hell of a sexy story........ love it.

HMMM, busy day.

You are a fantastic writer! I don't know if this story is true or fiction, but it is very well written, and I was rubbing my **** the whole time reading it. I would love for something like this to happen to my wife - been fantasizing about it for years.

You are one horny wife..... love that story

Extreme! Fantastic! And coming back for more!

wow lady one hell of ahot story hope u keep telling us all ur sexcapades

my body reacts so im pretty sure i like it

Taurians enchant me.

You say that you like it but I don't believe it.

You are very sensual. I like you.

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AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
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The perfect instance was when there was the final rapist, "mark" added to the scene, giving poor Helen more vicious hard **** to contend with. But, more importantly, the additional rape party member provided yet another voyeur of the interactive show with which to discuss Helen in the third person, which, for a submissive, is a complete thrill:<br />
<br />
“What if someone sees us???” Just then I heard another voice and the garage door closing – it was Mark, another one of the guys from the pub. I heard Danny tell him, “Look at how hot she is – I’ll see if we can talk her into one more ****!” Through the back window of the car Danny and Mark were watching Jason **** me and it turned me on!<br />
<br />
That's the best part of this great story and thanks for sharing it:)

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What a hot hot **** you are..............such a horny of the best I've read!!