I have attached my alter ego to Anton Chigurh, he is evil at it's best but it is evil earned by its recipients. Discounting what I can best say is being in the wrong spot at the wrong time the driver of the truck and the desk person in the hotel.
His cold and methodical manners of dealing with his targets is remarkable. It is priceless his "whats the most you ever lost in a coin toss" a ritual of your last few minutes alive. He has no conscious morale rules only the crazy justification of heads or tails giving you a chance to avoid death. While some would like to see a No Country For Old Men II I say they are rare ever approaching the level as the first and really how could you top it.
The character is left broken from a car crash and to me it said evil moved on to do it's business elsewhere. Where did the money go and did he let the sheriff live when he entered the room because when Chgurh opened the air vent the coin shown as tool is heads or something else.
Lesson in life you come across money that is not yours best to leave it be or you
may be looking up and saying "You know you dont have to do this. .
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Great movie. I am planning on reading the novel. I have read part of one chapter available online. I was surprised to learn that Anton was not as one dimensional as he is in the movie. Approximately how old do you think Ed Tom Bell is in the movie?