It's Only Natural

Gosh,silent sex is SUCH a turn-off!
I don't know how some people can remain silent, like,it's're there, naked, with someone you're -hopefully- attracted to,and they're touching you in erh...interesting places...then just MOAN FOR ****'S SAKE lol xD
It's one moment when I don't have to hide,so I just enjoy it.I find it impossible to be quiet!
ladysmith ladysmith
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6 Responses Jul 17, 2010

I love the sounds of her body that she just makes naturally, like the sound of her love juices(!!), the sound of her hands grabbing the pillow or the bed sheets, the little purrs, gutterals, and breath-catches, how she vocally expresses her satisfaction in a deep satisfied uh-huh-huh, or a sweet light moan, or a scream, short, the whole complex sound of the high drama and poetry of sex!

ikr? Makes me feel great ;DD

I agree hole hardheartedly let loose enjoy yourselves don't let the bed be the only noises you hear. Also agree with pamster369

hahahah good definition hth13 xD<br />
<br />
*runs to have a cold shower after pamster369's comment* lol<br />
I have to agree with you! Especially when you're both covering up each other's moans and screams with freaking passionate kisses..gaah! *-* s-e-x-y!

Exactly Adonyss!! :)<br />
It just gives the sex an extra spice.Silent sex makes it kinda boring, even if it feels good...<br />
And it does work both ways.Silent people are not alowed in my bed xD

ladysmith I'm with you all the way......<br />
I can't imagine silent sex ever happens especially when you need to tell your partner that you're about to climax. It would be crazy just to let it all happen without uttering a sound. No, I will let rip at any opportunity to encourage him to thrill me more!!!!!!! And of course it works both ways.