I don't know if I started listening to black metal because I actually LIKED it, or if I just thought it was so hilarious and obsurd, but over the years it has definitely grown on me. My first introduction was an article in SPIN magazine. It was February 1996 and I was in grade 6. I flipped to the article "Satan's Cheerleaders" focusing on Mayhem and the suicide of Dead, the murder of Euronymous and the burning of stave churchs throughout Norway.. I was blown away! It was just so ridiculous, but these people were so serious. I mean, inviting people over to play Dungeons and Dragons in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and then KILLING THEM? Wow.... Nerdy. And scary.

Mayhem, DarkThrone, Hellhammer, Dimmu Borgir (before the started sucking! heheh) Emperor, Satyricon, Carpatian Forest, Immortal... and of course, my favourite, GORGOROTH!!! I don't like the rampant white supremacy part of norwegian black metal, but the rest is just... awesome!

If you also like Norwegian Black Metal, I suggest watching the documentary about Gaahl from Gorgoroth (by far my favourite!) on youtube. It's called True Norwegian Black Metal. There are 5 parts. And it's just rad. Gaahl's kind of amazing... His face is so intense and it's like, even through the camera and computer screen, I can feel his eyes burning through my head!!!

"You can not put down your sword, because then, you will lose." - Gaahl

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Black Metal from norway, Eh? I like it as well. Actually i live close to norway:-)

No, you don't, *******.

I watched that and frankly the guy scares me a little, like when he stares at the camera for like 2 whole minutes unmoving.<br />
<br />
But then there are some things I admire, for one that quote, and his desire to get away from life, where he lives, his amateur artist streak and his love of wine.

I think very little of it is a joke. In fact, these people are quite serious. DEAD serious. And that's what makes it so funny.

I have a venom album. It's hilarious. I seriously love this kind of music. It's so awesome and not all of it is a total joke.

u for got about the biggest one lol venom and most of all Burzum gotta love them