Nothing But Me Under My Clothes

I love the way my clothes feel against my bare skin, especially when they get wet in the rain. My first experience with going bare was when I was about 5 years old when my mother was a day late picking me up from my grandparents house. I had a bath before bedtime but had no clean underwear, so I didn't wear any with my pj's or the next day. It felt so good. Later on in second grade, I woke up one morning to get dressed for school (I had allready quit wearing any with pj's) and thought why do I have to wear these. So I just put on my pants without any, and went commando to school. I loved it, and started going without more and more. By the time I got to high school, the only time I wore any was to gym class which I purposely scheduled for first period so I could take them off afterwards and go commando the rest of the day. What made me finally quit wearing the was working on a job with no A/C and they were rubbing red marks on me. That's when I decided that's it, I don't like wearing them anyway, took them off, and haven't worn any since. And never will again!

1962michael 1962michael
46-50, M
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That is respectably young man well done