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First of all- I was so excited to see that maryjana created this group just today, when I had thought of looking for it just today! I don't listen to npr live on the radio very often. Mostly I listen on the computer when I'm by myself practicing the arts of the domestic goddess- cooking and cleaning. In the last two days I heard interviews with Micheal Pollan (author) and Sarah Polley (actress/director) and Barack Obama, who are some of my favorite people. Anything in the news is there, as well as smaller, more personal stories from all around the world. There's music, too! An entire seperate site with every kind of music  you could ask for. It's so fantastic. This American Life is one of the greatest programs ever, telling stories about regular people, and you see how there really aren't any regular people. I love NPR. It's makes my day.
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I like to listen to npr too! i found out about this radio station when i was searching for a website in which i could practice english.<br />
And this site lets you download the podcasts, which is owesome.<br />
My favorite programs are "tell me more" (with Michel Martin, i love her voice!) and "fresh air" with (Terri Gross, she's very good too)<br />
<br />
Listening to these programas has helped me improve my vocabulary, and learn more about everything they talk about.<br />
It has become something i enjoy doing, i cant go to bed without having listened to these programs.<br />
i love them.