I Like Taking My Girlfriend To Nudist Beaches.

  I am 26 slender but toned and my girlfriend is 20 and a dancer. Friends have described us as a cute couple and we tend to be among the youngest of the couples at the nudist beaches. I'm straight and she is bi-curious. We had our first experience on a nudist beach last summer 2009 in Spain.

We drove to a secluded beach with a handful of people on to begin with, all nude. We made the nervous but exciting walk past several people, peaking but trying not to stare, feeling some heads turn and trace our movements like the new entertainment on the beach. I had to be careful to not get too excited in swimming shorts that were about to come off!

We found a spot and I removed my shorts, however my girlfriend remained in a thong but topless at first. Its very enjoyable applying sun cream, and having my girlfriend cream my back and bum while other watch us, and I watch them. Also, ensuring the old fella doesnt get burnt can be fun in public. I like the attention from men and women alike as I applied oil or cream to her pert young breasts or firm round backside.

There is a huge feeling of liberation as you move naked, walking or swimming as you bits hang exposed free for all to see. In a way I felt my girlfriend's modesty of the thong covering her vagina increased the sexuality. The white string excentuated the curves of her bum, and the covering made me and others curious of how she looked underneath, like some women did she have very natural pubic hair, or precisely trimmed or like a lady near me completely waxed....

This first experience is a great memory for me and I have great photos also. I leaned an appreciation for older women and even rotund ladies - they can be as if not more sexy than girls my own age or younger - as couple near us, two women in their late 30's to late 40's both more larger ladies, but one was topless with a firm bum in a tight bikini and the other had a perfectly formed ***** completely waxed and very nice nipples on round breasts. 

Although I am straight it was interesting to see guys too and also got a kick from her seeing them too. She would compare their penis size to me and their bodies and we'd comment on the different styles of pubes. In the gym or bathroom you dont really stop to thing how the average guy looks size or style wise!! 

After this 1st visit we went back several times exploring several beaches and found a favourite. Here we could sit and watch and be watched by people of all ages, beautiful women and familes - one young couple even had sex fairly openly in the surf nearby!! I will now always go back to them and encourage friends to. 








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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

I just love it when my wife starts talking about *****. She doesn't bother to compare them to my average one, but she'll talk about their heads, and balls and what she'd like to do with them. I always find **** talk to be a most arousing experience!