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looking for nude campers in va, or people that like to just camp nude or not?
deleted deleted 26-30 8 Responses May 13, 2011

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looking for a nudest camp to go to camp ground or resort.

near harrisonburg, or Henrico Virginia.

tent camp, cabins, or rv , couples.


I agree....wife and I want to do the same.
have been to white tail resort 7-8 times...have motorhome will travel
southwest virginia location.

I've naked camped at Avalon Resort in the panhandle of WV. Don't know how far that is from you. Nice wooded campground with both tent and trailer/RV sites. What I liked was it's open year round and the bath houses are heated. I like naked, but not naked, wet and cold, lol.
I also liked they let in single males with no hassle. I guess their policy is you're welcome to visit regardless who you are, but if you cause a problem, you're out regardless who you are.

Try Whitetail resort in Ivor, Va. I've been to many and it is the best. WTR has RV sites 50 AMP, tent sites, cabins for rent, and a nice diner. We have many folks from Northern Va and Maryland folks join us on nice weekends. Join us, but I warn you you'll hate to leave.

Where are you in VA?

is this for married couples or can a single guy participate ??

I live in Maryland, I think it would be fun.

My wives and i are wanting to be nudists but we are bigger folks so we are still trying to get used to the idea. (A) and I used to live in the Richmond area and we are thinking about possibly moving back after I get back from Afghanistan. <br />
Would love to learn to be nudist campers.