My Wildest Fight

I was asked 10 years ago by old boyfriend,if I would wrestle another girl for him to watch!!.Ever since then I have had many a match,but none more intersting than last Christmas time.. I attended a great party a mutual friends farm house.qfter consuming way too many drinks it was decided,I had to stay overnight,Everybody else had left and had no ride,so said ok .While setting up the couch in the basement for me to sleep,sandy(the guys wife) saked me if its true if I was know for fighting/wrestling other girls..I admitted and she asked if I would wrestle with her so her husband could watch?..Hahaha I agreed and said why not give him a REAL show and try it naked? She blushed,but agreed. We surprised him bye stripping and started wrestle /playfight yessling loud to attract his attention..He came flying down the steps,and the look on his face to see his hot wife rolling around the floor with this new girl never met till to-night..Too make long story short we wrewstled to the point of getting eachother so wet and horny,wound up having a fantastic *********,so YES that was my wildest night SO FAR? hahaah xxoo Judy
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Sounds like a wet dream of mine!

I watched my wife wrestle an provider that I paid for in a marriott room. It was so hot I had to j*** off while they wrestled in the bed. They tore off each others close and wound up in a 6 9.. After that the looser took a st*** on... Hot Hot Hot. WOuld do it again. There is a site you can go on and find one that will wrestle. If anyone want to know. Just send me a message and I will help you through it

I also interest..what the website address

How..please help me


Nice, my gf loves nude wrestling other women.

That is SOOOOOO freakin' hot! YUM!!!! I am SOOOOO hard right now. :O)

yummy, wrestling another woman and getting to share her guy after

Did you win an give a head for a reward ? I'd luv to !