Wrestling Nude Can Lead to Other Things.

eing a nudist made it easier for me to become an amateur female nude wrestler. That's for fun, not for pay.


(This is the only blog I've posted on EP that might get updated from time to time. Things keep developing in our meetings, and we've had a couple of non-scheduled get-togethers since I began this hobby.)

I haven't thought of my identity as that of a bi-sexual woman. Yet, I engaged in an unanticipated lesbian experience as a direct result of being nude with other women.  

Our local fitness center has daily jazzercize sessions for men and women, but it's almost exclusively women who take advantage of the class.

After about 45 minutes each day, serveral tired women head to the showers and fewer yet to one of the club's hot tubs. I'm one of those who commonly do both.

Last November I was sitting in a hot tub with three other naked women who were using terms I wasn't familiar with. Ultimately, I understood they were discussing nude wrestling sessions.

I asked for some details and was told that they're part of a female nude wrestling group, held more for fun than a serious event. Once a month, any one of the group hosts the session. Although seven women are part of their circle, only 3 or 4 typically show up, not necessarily the same ones each time.

They talked about this as if discussing a bridge-playing group.

After several inquiries about their activities, I was invited to attend the next get-together the following Wednesday night. I accepted.

Although the women were physically fit, only one was what I would consider as muscular; but even that auburn-haired woman wasn't what I would consider a body-builder's physique. But her arms and legs were more defined that the others.

In addition to the 5'9" redhead, two brunettes, each about 5'6" or so, showed up that night and one of the brunette's home. She told me they typically have at least one more attending but their most regular member had begged off to go to a wedding.

After a few minutes talk and sharing some wine, they began stripping down. I followed suit. The host and the redhead picked up a couple of plastic bottles of warmed body oil from a hot water pan, rubbed the liquid onto their hands and began oiling my and the other's bodies.

I felt the dark haired woman spending slightly more time on my breasts as she chatted. I jumped when her hand cupped my groin as well, and she ran a slick finger through my vaginal furrow. The others laughed at my fidgety reaction. When all were sufficiently covered, two spread out a clear tarp across the floor.

The taller auburn haired woman and a dark haired woman squared off on the vinyl floorcovering and began grabbing the other for advantage.

Soon their limbs tangled together as they writhed and tumbled about, grasping for advantage. The way you win with this group is that if you're pinned as long as ten seconds, you lose - or, if no one is pinned within two minutes, the others decide the winner based upon performance.

This time, the brunette pinned the other for the count and the winner pointed to me as her next opponent.

She started slowly, instructing me on moves I should be making. After a couple minutes of this, she said, "Okay, I think you're ready. After all, we're all amateurs anyway."

I believe we were evenly matched in strength. I was atop her at one point when she pushed me off, and we lay side by side grasping for the other's wrists.

The other two women walked to another room to prepare snacks, leaving us alone.

My legs wrapped around her hips and I rolled above her again, my legs straddling her body. Attempting to push me away by rolling her hips, she raised her butt with her heels and our vaginas massaged against the other.

We both pretended to ignore the immediately erotic moment but knew the other was aware of what happened. Our arms relaxed as our groins gyrated against the other. She pulled me closely until my lips were within an inch of hers.

We each went limp. Her leg slipped between mine, and she rolled her hips, ************ against my leg. My clitoris slid along her hip.

Her lips parted. She seductively lowered her face, kissing me full on the lips. Surprised but hot and bothered, I eagerly returned the gesture.

Her hand stroked my breast and moved down my stomach. A long finger massaged my clitoris.

Our arms encircled the other's neck. My body shuddered as were coming in simultaneous *******. When I squealed, she clamped a hand over my mouth to prevent those in the kitchen from hearing.

We lay side by side, panting, and she whispered, "Thank you."

The other two returned and asked who won the match. I said, "She did, but there's always another day."

The fourth opponent was the final winner.

I continue going to these nude wrestling socials, held at different homes. I have hosted the party at my own home four times now, not as much as some others. Sometimes, all 7 others show up.

Three months ago, one of the women suggested that we would be more motivated not to lose if the series' winner were allowed to **** the ultimate loser any way she wanted. Those who weren't there were contacted by telephone for approval. Two objected strenuously, so those of us who either agreed or withheld votes for whatever the others wanted decided to set up a second monthly meeting without the two objectors. We meet monthly at the halfway weekend between the regular monthly sessions.

I'm the second least-competent of the bunch, so I've lost twice. Each of us purchased strap-on ****** to meet the most popular "slave punishment" of the winner's options. I was ****** with the ***** once and, the other time, was forced to bring the redhead to ****** as she straddled my head and held me by my hair.

I'm now an avid ban of this sport (if you'll allow me to call it a sport) and attend both monthly sessions. Naturally, at either meeting, there's a lot of fooling around,  like breast stroking or clitoral stimulation. Those moves, which are distractive to the recipient, allow the opponent a momentary psychological advantage.

Gasping ******* are more common than not, and that's part of the fun for the women watching while awaiting their turn on the mat.

Two of the women in the club are single, the rest are married. Since I first posted this story, one of those invited two of us to her home for an overnight "slumber party." Although neither of us acknowledged the obvious reasons for the invitation, we each understood her offer wasn't really intended as an overnight chat session, but instead a girl-girl-girl lesbian-like party. The host had recently been a winner and I was the loser, so we had already had (sort of) enjoyed sex together.

I' have been with women before at swingers' parties, mostly because that's a common event, usually encouraged by husbands who want to see their wives with other women.

This, though, was entirely different. I'm not a lesbian but now must admit for the first time that I'm bisexual. Through that party, I learned to cherish covering another woman's mound with my lips and bringing her to ****** with my tongue. And when they make me come as well, it's as thrilling as with a man.

The weird part that I hadn't anticipated is that we were telling each other various forms of, "I love you," during our passionate writhing. That doesn't have the same meaning as when I say the same words to my husband. Our utterings of love are sincere, but its implications are different. Although I'm a writer, I'm unable to express the differences between the two interchanges.

That doesn't mean, though, that I want to give up giving head to guys.

 (See related video at http://www.brawl-hall.com/pages/linkdump/hosted/129/nude-female-wrestling.html).

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Wow. Very erotic story and very well written. You sound like a very exciting and open lady! Just found you so I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories. Friends?

the pleasures of erotic wrestling *** flooding back to me! great story

Wish I could join your little club m xxoo judy

Sounds like fun. Get great shots of the sessions to see your muscles and sexy you all are. Fun..!!!

You are so lucky. It brought back memories of my older sister and i wrestling. It was always sexy. I would get an erection while getting to feel her privates. She even sat on my face. Thank you for sharing.

I liked the story on nude wrestling it was really good, and the picture is also great.

Being comfortable in your own skin is wonderful and apparently you are. Thanks for the story.