Fully Naked In Shopping Malls And Supermarkets

Obviously this experience is not shared by many people. But we have been shopping completely naked and barefoot for many days this summer, in rather big supermarkets and several shopping centers. Of course, in the large naturist part of the French city of Cap d'Agde! Such a great experience to be without any clothes, going from one shop to another, watching yourself in mirrors, strangely feeling that it seems very normal but knowing it is not, when you would be in the rest of the world. Shopping becomes real fun, in the morning waiting in the bakery, with a dozen of other nude men and women, all fully shaved. Normally you would be a bit hurried, now you enjoy every second looking and being looked upon. The clothed personnel always has a quick glance of your genitals, you notice, you feel very, very naked.and even excited. Naturist Cap d'Agde has two large shopping centers, some smaller ones, well over hundred shops we would guess. You are always treated with respect when being naked and barefoot. We love nude shopping, wishing there would be more places to do so but this is at least one and it is great. It is a very special feeling indeed.

Note: in our profile there is an album with pics on nude shopping (for our friends).
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Couldn't agree more. We hade a family holiday in the nude area of the Cap, many years ago. I've never had such a relaxing holiday and I think the most memorable part was not the shopping but the showers Seeing families there with mum and dad sharing the "chore " of washing the children is a memory that will stay with me forever.
Shopping was great and my wife buying several pareos and being shown how to wear them for maximum effect is another memory from that holiday. Unfortunately we have no photos as it was before the days of digital cameras, but if you would befriend me I am sure your album would revive memories of that happy holiday

If love to try this, but getting close to the freezer cabinet and I'd shrivel up

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Wish I was there. Maybe on a vacation.

Wish I was there.

I had a great experience trying on swimsuits in the Caribbean where they had no dressing room and the clerk, a lovely young lady had to go in the back to find something my size.

Yes, I've been to Cap d'Agde and enjoyed the whole naturist quarter. I found it amusing that they have clothing shops in the naturist quarter where the customers come in naked but the sales staff still wears clothes. I found it more amusing that they have the little changing rooms for naked customers to hide in while trying on the merchandise. I really enjoyed the café out on the beach. There are few experiences more pleasant than sitting at a table out on the beach while being served a good quality wine with your lunch.

Yes, these clothing shops are great fun: we always were fully naked and barefoot there and simply tried the items on the spot, dressing and undressing again in the middle of the shop, with kind staff serving us. Moreover, these were usually erotic seetrough clothes. They helped my wife to adjust her nipples to peek outside and adjusted even my penis to fit in some sheer underwear (obviously I became erect...). Shopping clothes in the nude is one of weirdiest experiences you can have.

It's a shame that shopping nude is not allowed in America.

sounds like my kinda place<br />
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Indeed in recent years some parts have been improved and they have invested in new accomodation, jardin d'eden and jardin de babylon are fully new, as well as some other buildings. Several shops and the seaside have been improved as well. Some parts still aren't in very good shape. It doesn't bother too much, it fits well with the atmosphere, we think. There is ever more attention for the libertine 'alernative' lifestyle. In bad wheather it will be much less pleasant...

I was there in 2004. It was seeming a bit run down. Has that gotten better? Maybe it was just because of the dicey weather that week.

Sandalese, essentially it is true that being barefoot all day in a naturist centre may well become diffcult because of hot surfaces in the sun. Last year in Cap d'Agde we never had this problem, apparently the pavements do not really become too hot , neither does the sand at the beach. Also, the shopping malls are fully covered. And we must admit that being barefoot for long times make your feet much stronger. So, we didn't touch out tiny flip flops until we went back home. Being barefoot strongly adds to the sensation of being naked, because your bare feet make you remember you were naked with every step.

I have never experienced being naked in a public place, but wont mind trying. Don't like being barefoot though, I absolutely like to wear flip-flops, barefoot feels kinda slithery to me...I always wear flip-flops at home, even in my own shower! Doesn't the sand get too hot for bare feet anyway?

Hello, nitro44, no worries about swingers, they won't have any effect on the nude way of living there or nude shopping for that matter! The swinger lifestyle in Cap'd'Agde is more evident in the evenings after dark, when nudity is gradually replaced by see through dresses and so on. But even then, tolerance and freedom are strong principles, we usually remained nude (and barefoot)without any problem. The swinger lifestyle is not practized in public either, only in private clubs, at the far end of the beach and in a number of hotels around a pool, where public sex is common. Swingers often are active nudists as well and frankly there are a lot of people somewhere in between the naturists and swingers, we may well be among these... Admittedly, the number of shops selling erotic lingerie is significantly higher than in any ordinary shopping center but few nude people will be bothered by that.

I just found out about that village. If I ever do get over to France, that place will definitely be on the list of places to visit!