Love To Feel The Warmth On Me...

There is definitely something about theheat of the sun on me that makes me feel terribly sexy. I love the idea of getting a tan on all those parts of me that shouldn't be seen by anyone except those closest to me.
this Saturday, the weather was really hot and everyone went out. I checked that the neighbours were out too and then went outside into our back garden in my bikini to sunbathe for the afternoon - the first time this year.
I'm currently reading a sexy novel called "The Royal Hotel" and the combination of the hot sun on me and the description of sex in the book "encouraged" (!) me to take off my bikini. Oh it felt so good and naughty to be naked outside. When I felt myself, I was so wet and I looked down and saw that I'd leaked onto the tiles under the sun lounger. I turned over and lay on my front with my hand trapped under myself between my legs. My boobs seemed to work their way inbetween the plastic strands of the lounger, and felt painful to start with. But the feel of my fingers playing in the liquid slot of my ***** quickly changed the painfulness into a kind of pleasure....
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Very sexy - I like your story and your profile pic and would like to see more. I hope you add me to your circle.

Great story! It does feel soo good to have the sun everywhere :-))) XOXO

Wow! Thanks for telling your story

Great story glad you enjoy it

wow.... you sound like alotta fun....

Excellent Been out recently?

You might wanna buy a set of washable cushions before you try it again :D

Great story! I'm still trying to figure out my somewhat recent increased desire to be nude whenever possible. Is it the freedom of no clothes, or the sexual stirrings that accompany being naked? Maybe both.

just to imagine your little little fingers toying with your sweet spot, so nice and warm.. yummy

Great story, Bored Judi. You can come to the beach with me next time! Love to have you as a friend, please feel free to add. I have written a story about nude sunbathing on another group that I think you might like! Take care. Dx

Awesome, I wish I was your neighbour.

You have a wonderful attitude.

sounds like a great time next time you should have someone join you

Great Story! Thanks!

Its lovely to be naked in the sun.

That's my kind of sunbathing!

Love hot summer days

lovely story....there is nothing like being nude in the sun and on the sand...I still remeber the day my husband and I "took it all of"....we have since burned our swimming suits....there is no going back...A

Well Bored JUDI. Here is another way to have fun. Somewhat depends on your surroundings? Just got back from a little beach I go to Very private now that the weekenders are gone. sand saltwater etc and lots of sun. Got home had had not enought so went out on the deck. It is very hot so got the ,water hose out and sprayed everything down, myself included. Playing w/ the water hose and keeping myself wet enjoyed and some more sun.

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The more I read your stories the more i begin to like you. Great story shame the sun is not ought more often.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. It feels so good to be nude in the sun!