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I enjoyed reading the experiences on the "I love nude sunbathing" topic.  It's funny, when I was younger I never understood why anyone would want to go to a beach, lay out in the sun, get tan, etc.  It's hot, your swimsuit gets sand in it.  No thanks!!  But being on the beach naked--that's a whole different story.  Let me share an enjoyable sunbathing story from summer of 2009.  Hoping for more experiences like it in 2010 and beyond.

I had a few days to spend in Michigan in August, and wanted to explore the Lake Michigan coast.  I had heard about a private nude beach, about halfway up the lower peninsula, and based on a little creative internet research I found the place.  You park at a public beach and then walk 1/4 mile to private property where, I had heard, nudity was allowed.  It's interesting, there were a few signs around saying "no nudity", "do not walk around naked" etc.  So I was apprehensive but thought I must be at the right place. 

Rather than a beach, it was more like a series of 50-foot sand dunes, with grass and scrubby trees set in off the lake.  It was a great day, sunny and probably 80 degrees, and there seemed to be no one there.  I kept my thin short shorts on for a while, then took them off and walked all over that place naked.  It was quite a work out because with the deep sand you slip and sink into the sand when you walk.  I settled finally on the top of the tallest sand dune I could find, which offered a great view of Lake Michigan off to the west, with nice wooded hills to the east, and all those sand dunes around me.  I loved the feeling of sun and light breeze on my naked body, while I layed on my back and burrowed myself into that soft sand.  My butt and muscular legs were probably 2 inches down into the sand.  For a while I ladled handfulls of sand on my pen1s.  It felt great and I slowly, peacefully developed a hard-on, and stroked myself until I came in the sand.  Greatest sunbathing ever!

Finally off in the distance I started to see a few people come.   All men - seems like this is primarily a gay vibe.  I enjoyed seeing a 60ish guy naked walking on the trail below me, **** and balls swinging.  I said hi to a few people as I wandered around some more.  And was surprised to find two nude men right along the trail, stroking themselves and each other.  I watched for a minute.  They didn't seem to care.  I had orgasmed on the dune not long ago, but the sight of those big ***** about to explode got me excited all over again.  I wandered on and left them to themselves but found another peaceful spot to jerk off.

Great day - perfect weather - nudity - I would have enjoyed seeing a few women too, but oh well...
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Tried Oval this summer 2011. A Waste of time. Patrolled to much and nothing but gay guys which made my wife a bit edgy due to some rude comments. We found a place in Mason. Very couple friendly. It's on Meridian rd between Dexter Trail and Barnes. It's an old gravel pit with a lake way in the back off the road. Park across the street and walk to the back. Occassionally you get a fisherman or two so be prepared to cover up if neccessary. The water is crystal clear and warm and it's very secluded.

gravel pit sounds very nice! does anyone know if a lot of people use it?

love oval beach lots of fun in the sun there ... now its public so you cant go nude ,,, but discreetly still can e wear your thong on the beach north end who wants to join me????

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Correct--seems like Lake Michigan and shoreline are technically considered public domain; the private/nude area is up over the dunes. So you can gaze out over the lake naked from the dunes, but better avoid being naked right down on the shore itself. I hope you are able to check out the place and enjoy yourself(ves?) - maybe you can post a story about it?

No - It's near Saugatuck. Take road A2 south from Saugatuck over to the town of Douglas, and almost immediately turn right, following the signs for "Opal Beach". <br />
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You will get to Opal Beach on Lake Michigan--a public beach, pay to park. But park toward the north end of the parking lot, then walk north along the beach. You will very soon see a sign about entering a "private area" where they charge you $5 admission. Walk about 1/4 mile further north on the beach, and look for trails going inland over the dunes--and that's the area. <br />
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Basically it is an isolated piece of land with Lake Michigan on the west, the bay at Saugatuck to the north and east. When I was there, despite the perfect weather, there was almost no one around. And there was no issue being nude as long as you stay out of sight of the Lake Michigan shore. (So, it is not a nude "beach"; it is a nude area in the sand dunes and woods off the beach...) There are some trails, and you can walk all over the place naked. I hope you find it and enjoy yourself!

Is this beach close to Sleeping Bear Dunes? I did some nude tanning while living Charlevoix, but one has to be extremely careful of people walking the dunes. Great story!!