First Time

First time I got into nude sunbathing was after working cattle all day, and when I went back to the house, I hosed off outside (naked) and thought I would just lie on the grass naked to dry off and get a nap.
  I woke-up about 20 minutes later when I heard a pants zipper.  The neighbor's (10 miles away) had stopped by to get some hay (she is a barrel racer: wow!). I pretended to be asleep to see what she would do, and she undressed, lay down on the grass naked, and stretched her limbs out to even the sun exposure. After about 10 minutes, I rolled over and looked at her.  She spoke and asked if I minded if she worked on her tan for a while.  Replying, "no", she just lay there for me to stare at.  When I started getting the inevitable erection, she said, "Looks like time for me to tan the other side."
  She rolled over lubed my manhood, and then climbed on.  After about 10 minutes of sun exposure to her backside, she flushed all down her torso (not sunburn) and wailed loudly.  When she knew I was pleased, she rolled back onto the grass and we slept another 15 minutes before loading that hay.  If you have never felt a barrel racer squeeze you between her legs, you haven't had cowboy sex.
  Since then, I have made it a regular event to nude sun bathe if it is warm and the sun is out when the work is done, and sometimes when its not.  Always think of barrel racing though.
  Signed, Love the Sun, and Barrel Racers
steerwrestler steerwrestler
46-50, M
Sep 20, 2010