Mom And My Friends

I would not call my Mom a nudist; we never ran around the house sans clothing, but from as far back as I remember she used to either nude or topless sun tan.  

I think I was about eleven or so, I went into the back yard near our pool and I saw my mom with the top of her bathing suit pulled down.  I very innocently asked what she was doing, and she said, "Well, this is a little experience we can have, to work on the perfect tan.  My father had long died, and unless she was so careful, I do not remember her having a 'boyfriend' or 'gentlemen callers until well after I was married.  So I took off my top and she handed me a bottle of lotion and said, you have parts that have not seen sunlight since you were two, so you better lotion up. From that time on, I was hooked. We had to pick our times well, as I had a brother (twin), but he was so loud whenever he or his friends came over, we had plenty of time to do a quick dress.

I just loved the sun coursing over my nude body.  I had a total tan that made some of the girls in the locker room  envious. Group sessions started when I was in between my  junior and senior year  in High School, my 'girlfriend' Gail (no we did not do a lesbian stuff, she was a really good friend), and her posse came over to 'swim."  My mom was already out at the pool on the chaise lounge,  wearing a two piece, minus the top.  I yelled out, "Mom Gail, Zuzu and Lisa are here."  "No boys," she asked?  I related it was just us girls.  I figured she would put on her top, she just said, "Well, tell them the rules and come on back."  I related to my friends that Mom and I frequently sun tan topless, and I hoped they would not mind.  Without even batting an eye, all the tops, bras came off on cue. Mom said, "What happens here, stays here, it's just us girls."  To my mom's defense, we never had any riotous parties, no booze, it was nothing that any member of the school board (she was a High School Gym coach) or a parent would have been offended or want to fire her for.  Well, everything except the topless sun tan sessions.  Gail said, "I wondered why you had such a perfect lines."  Zuzu (her real name was Linda but the Zuzu was a play on her last name because when she had a hard time pronouncing Szupanzick and the moniker stuck), said, "Wow, I have always wanted to get rid of the tan lines.  Then again, it gives a place for the boys to run their tongues."   Zuzu was 'boy crazy.'  Mom never swore us to some sort of 'blood oath,'  or state something like 'don't tell your mother's' it was not like we were having sex or playing with each other.  We were just a bunch of girls, laying around the pool, having a tan.  The girls followed Mom's lead by putting on a top when walking around or going inside the house.  I will admit, back then there were no cell phones that take pictures, no internet to engage in chats that someone could intercept so our little secret never got out.

What was funny, one day my boyfriend/fiancee(sort of), and current husband of 30 years, was over at Mom's working one Sunday and he walked in on us.  Actually, it was not a sudden thing.  We heard the tractor stop and heard him beating off the dirt from his clothing and he walked into the pool area and announce "I need to go home and clean up"  Mom and I just laid there and he walked in.  The first thing he said was "Oh, no....I'm sorry,"  I could see him turn around and try to act like he did not see what he just witnessed.  Mom very nonchalantly pulled up the top of the one piece she was wearing and I said, "Well, that is nothing you have not seen before."  He would always get embarrassed easily.  I slipped on a shirt and walked toward him as he was hiding behind the gate.  I opened the gate, he was standing there, with a red face.  I lifted up my hand, very gently whispered to him, "I love you."  He said, "Wow, you said that in front of your mother?"  I told him, a long time previously about my nude/semi nude sun tan sessions, he just did not know I did them with my Mom.  Later that day,  when Mark was taking a shower in Dave's room I sat on the edge of the bed just watching him lather up (I thought this would be wonderful, just not with Mom in the house) and I told him, "Well, Mom knows we have been having sex for a while when she found the pills....she likes you or I am sure you would have heard something by now."  Conversely, when Mom found out that Dave and Zuzu were 'seeing' each other, she called Zuzu and told her, "Don't hurt Dave."  

Now, that I am in my early 50's, I still play 'lounge lizard' and do quite a bit of nude sun time.  I even talked my daughter into it when she was about 10 years old.  I told her it was a long family tradition which she embraced with joy.    My daughter and I have to pick our times, we don't go au natural when Mark or our son is around; especially after  our daughter started 'developing.'   Because of our current age, I did not have my daughter's friends come over and join in during some topless/nude time when they were in High School.  I basically waited until they were well out of High School and over 18.  Someone would love to make a headline story about it.   When we honeymooned in Cabo, I found out which beach was topless.  I suggested we go there and his comment was "You shouldn't be 'showing off' stuff to other guys."  I reminded him he could see what the 'other guys' were getting. He thought the bathing suit Gail picked out for our honeymoon was 'over the top' (I had to do a lot of trimming/shaving to keep the blonde  forrest from showing), but he totally nixed the topless beach idea.  I did not push him.

Nude sun tans.....LOVE IT!!!!

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Thanks for sharing. We are a nudist family and I was raised that way by my parents and grand parents. We are Catholic and have lots of kids. My grand mother had 23 kids, my mom had 21, and I have had 19, so far. I am pregnant now with twin boys and due on July 4, 2013. Our families get together with 17 other families for fun activities in the nude. We love it very much and party on weekends all year round because we live in the Phoenix area. We find nudity wholesome, the kids love being nude, are well versed in sex, and have great self esteem about their own bodies.

very fine .

Nice story. I go to the river to run around and get an all over tan.

My Grandfather was a nudist. My father frowned upon it until he turned 70 and discovered the joys of nudism. He told me and I informed him I already knew. I have been nudist since I was an early teen. My dad is upset I never told him sooner

Being naked in front of others should be natural and shouldn't be weird. I'm glad that our mother made your friends comfortable. Thanks for sharing.

thank you for sharing that nice story

Great story! I too enjoy going nude at home or anywhere; unfortunately, my wife refuses. Even when our friends visit, especially in the morning or my wife is on the computer, I still walk around nude. I just enjoy it.

Thanks! I really enjoyed your story. My wife sunbathes nude in our back yard. She has a nice even tan.

great story! thanks!

That's a lovely story