Nudist Aunt

while visiting my aunt in Vt. and enjoying her hot tub I became a little over heated and climbed out and wrapped a towel around my waist and went outside by the pool to cool off, my aunt yelled out the window (jokingly} that there's a nude guy by the pool.  Later I told her I was sorry and that i wasn't nude I had a towel around me covering me from the waist down. Rose. (my aunt) laughed and told me it was not a problem and that she sunbathes nude sometimes and even shared some stories about nude sunbathing and almost being caught.
The next day I got brave and when I climbed out of the hot tub I again wrapped a towel around me and went out by the pool but this time when i sat down i took off the towel and lay in the sun.  God it felt to exciting and natural I loved it and after that i lay out nude everyday I was there. My aunt would avoid coming out by the pool while I was nude so I told her not to worry if she wanted to talk to me or even join me it was quite alright and even though she never joined me nude sunbathing she did come out by the pool and sit and talk with me and she even brought me breakfast and lunch while I soaked up the rays nude. I can't wait to go back up there again.  
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i travel to vermont a number of times a year, mainly to partake in nude activities. i had my first encounter there, in a chlothing optional campground some 30 years ago. i have been going ever since.
im headed to new hampshire tonight to stay with some friends, and the lake they are on is fed by a spring. we will all be in there skinny dipping tonight, and tomorrow night.
as for vermont, there nudity laws are very different than most states, and have TONS of places all over that great state to either skinny dip, nude sunbathing, nude camping ect.
thanks for sharing.

I like your auntie!

What a nice, thoughtful aunt. Interestingly it would put her in my age bracket, I enjoy nude sunbathing and I live in New Hampshire. I think we should talk.

I also enjoy nude sunbathing and am from NH. I wish I had family members who would enjoy sunbathing with me nude. Not for anything sexual, just nice to have the open freedom. I have a few friends that occasionally come over for sunning but never enough nude friends.

Nice story...Thanks...