Backyard Sunbathing In The Nude

I have been sunbathing nude in the backyard for about 15 yrs or so. I have made the backyard somewhat private , but if the neighbors try real hard they can see me laying naked in the sun. I will wander at times when I get tried of laying there and work on the flower beds some or water the plants. The sun feels wonderful on my naked body
slimsava slimsava 61-65, M 3 Responses Apr 27, 2012

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I would love to do yard work nude, but I don't have the back of lot covered now. We used to be secluded but then a road was cut behind us and I have 5 homes withhin sight of my back yard. I have ventured out to feed the dog while nude and held my hat by my side like those funny nude "cowboy" dancers. Otherwise I sunbathe in a strategic location and keep tabs on neighbor activity if I walk around or head inside. I can usually hear the tractor coming in the grove next door, and I don't think he really cares anyway. BTW, I really like your pics. and am now motivated to get some of my own made and uploaded. It is REALLY encouraging to connect with kindred hearts. I'm in Florida.

Oh let them enjoy the view.

my deck is mostly private, I too get lots of nude time there and around the pool. The temps here are starting to feel like summer I will meet some friends soon at a nudist facility in Indiana. Its more fun with like minded people around my wife doesn't know what she is missing but I'll keep my secret and enjoy