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In My Pool

I sunbathe nude frequently in my pool. I have rafts that stay near the surface but allow you to be in the water to stay cool. I'm sure that my neighbors have seen me but I don't care. I live on a fairly busy road so I'm sure that drivers have seen me naked if they looked. If so I hope they enjoyed the view, if not, then they missed a good one!
flyguy779 flyguy779 31-35, M 1 Response Jul 17, 2012

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I also have a pool and I have inflated a queen size air mattress and while laying on it you are completely above the water. I know for sure my neighbors have seen us nude on it as well as walking out to the pool and also laying on our lounge chairs

Nice, I'm not a big fan of those rafts, but to each their own. I need some water or I sweat. I do the same just don't have lounge chairs. I walk to and from nude I just have a chain link fence around my pool so it's a clear view. Thanks for the sharing your comment.