I love tanning nude but do not have a fully private backyard so normally I thong or wear a small bikini. I hit the nude beach a lot or find other private areas.

Two neighbors can see in our yard. The neighbors to the south can from their second story windows or if they walk up to the fence between our yards. And the neihbors to the south east can see our yard from one window on their first floor or if they are walking around the back corner of their backyard.

This paticular late August day was perfect with bright sun and 85 degrees and I started in a 1/3 back bikini enjoying the sun and listening to the ball game on the radio but with both neighbors on trips I decided what the heck I may as well go nude so I sliped out of my suit and let my **** see some sun.

At some point I dozed off only to awake to hear a lawnmower and see the neighbors 16 year old niece standing next to the fence staring at me with open mouth. I scrambled to cover up and she almost ran away with the mower. I figured the police would be coming any minute but I never heard a thing about it after that.

I had never seen her mow the lawn before and they were not going to be gone for that long but maybe she was just being nice. Either way she got a good look and I got quite a surprise.
tancheeks tancheeks
41-45, M
Sep 8, 2012