Regular flyovers

I am addicted - I have an area that I can lay out without being seen from ground level. I am at least 500 ft. from property line, so peekers would need binoculars to know for sure I'm nude.

In a short time, it feels so free that I really don't even think about being seen by an occasional low flying airplane. Since they appear to be the same ones I assume they're enjoying the view or wishing they were doing it too!

I am now sure I have some planes that come down to check me out. One came from behind the tree and was "buzz" low as it went over the house, and eventually looped back around a bit higher as it went on it's way. But the most unbelievable flyover was a Goodyear blimp. I heard an extremely loud engine for quite some time and I thought it might be someone working on their airboat nearby. A short time later as it got louder and louder, the blimp appeared and lowly passed directly overhead. By that time, I felt quite natural being nude and remained in my spread eagle front side up position. I know I was seen - just don't know by how many...
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3 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Love the blimp incident!

It just doesn't matter who sees you nude! Its your business laying out
in your own yard or on a public beach designated "clothing optional".
If they like what they see, let 'em enjoy a look. If not they can always
peek at something else. I don't even care if they take pictures.