It's The Only Way

As my title says, nude sunbathing is really the only way to go. It feels sooooo good! If I'm in areas that don't allow nude sunbathing, I get as close to nude as possible. I've bunched up my bikini top so that it's really only covering my nipples. I don't really know why people are weird about nipples. It's like you're allowed to see the entire boob as long as the nipple isn't showing-even though guys have nipples too. Anyway, so I bunch up my bikini top, and roll down the bottom part until it's right about my ****.
If I'm on my back, I take off the top all together, and just have the bottom covering my butt crack. Which again is silly, you can see my whole *** as long as the crack isn't showing? I don't really understand society sometimes. But yeah, nude sunbathing is the best! I highly recommend it to all who have never done it, to try it.
meeeshell meeeshell
22-25, F
5 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Love the feeling of the sun on my naked body. I agree, why society is so hung up about seeing nipples but showing as much breasts as you can is ok, stupid. Same goes for the rest of the body. I often sunbathe nude and love it

You do what SO many others do... It IS a shame that there are some prudes out there!

I am ALL for naked sunbathing and do it as often as possible!

I agree, a naked female has all the same parts as another naked female, and the same with guys, we've all seen naked bodys at one time or another. Whats the big deal?

Sounds familiar. When my wife and I go on trips we try to rent private places with a walled in yard or very secluded so we can sunbathe naked. Other times we stay at casino resorts with a more adult atmosphere and, although the pools are not topless, my wife will roll down her top right to her nipple. She likes to get her cleavage tanned and has very light areolas so they are not even visible.

Well said and quite true.