My Yard

When I finally bought a house there were three things I wanted. A separate shop building so I could work on cars. A bathtub big enough for me to stretch out in. Finally, a private backyard. I don't have the nerve to go to a place like Hippy Hollow, but I love to be naked outside. I love laying naked in the sun on summer mornings. It just makes me happy in a completely non-sexual way.
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I agree wit you, there is nothing like that feeling.

Please add me, thanks.

That is one of the main reasons why I bought a house also. I do enjoy going to Hippie Hollow, though.

Naked in the yard is cool. A hot tub in the back yard is hot. And naked places (like Hippy Hollow) are OK too. Being seen naked doesn't hurt, and might even be fun.

nothing more exciting than strolling outside naked

The perfect three!!

I am moving in next door! Great post and I am hoping you will please add me :-).

They say Disey is the happiest place on earth. Wrong, its Hippie Hollow.

Social nudity is actually a great deal of fun. You might want to try it.

nothing better than feeling the sun on your naked body

I completely understand if I had the body I should have had I would be doing the very same thing. I only wish I was happy in my own skin but I can't even really walk around in my own place nude knowing I'm not like I should be. I know one day I will be but I will probably be too old to enjoy it.

You're never too old to enjoy it...and I hope that the day when you're as you should be comes soon

Sad when somebody is not comfortable in their own skin. My body is not perfect, but that does not stop me from enjoying the delightful sensations that come from walking around nude.