Topless Pool And More

My early-30s wife recently went topless at the Venetian adult pool. I was totally surprised because she's a professional and normally very conservative in dress and behavior. After a long day of being ogled by everyone and getting excellent poolside service by the 20-something waiter guy, we retired to our room. All the sun and booze got to her as she promptly passed out. I ordered room service but didn't have any cash on hand to tip the guy who brought my burger and beer. Instead I offered him a look at my passed out and still topless wife. His jaw dropped as he admired her 36 D **** with silver-dollar pink nipples still hard from the earlier excitement and the breeze from the AC. He asked if he could touch, and being turned on without relief from earlier, I said sure. Right then, I got a call from work and went out of the bedroom to the front of the suite, leaving him in the bedroom with her. I peaked around the corner to see the waiter with his **** out rubbing it on my wife's lips and face while he manhandled her boobs. My call ended, but I decided not to interrupt his fun. After a few short minutes he was shooting his load all over her bare chest, with her still oblivious to what was happening. Later, we received a very nice bottle of champagne. My wife couldn't believe the hospitality (I didn't tell her!) and we'll soon be booking a return trip.
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Jun 30, 2013