I have always been a closet nude sunbather
Non of my friends or family know I like sun bath nude. When my wife asked me about my "no tan lines" I just tell her I went to a tanning bed. I have never cheated but in a away I feel like I am cheating as I have never revealed this side of me to anyone.
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I am a big guy well over 6'5 and used to have a normal size penis. Now because of age & multiple health issues it had really shrunk up.
I feel I need to hide it. When I was at Rooster Rock Nude beach I walked by a girl and she said "You've got to be kidding me!" I was beyond humiliated. I though nude beaches were suppose to be non judge mental. I can't be the only one dealing with this?

I know exactly what you mean. I come from a very uptight family who would be horrified if they knew I was a nudist.

I understand exactly what you are feeling! I suggest telling her, who knows, perhaps she has been hiding the same secret!