As A Teen With A Long-Time Friend

Me and this girl have been friends since the first-grade. We were the only boy and girl friends that stayed friends past cooties. On this one day as 14 year olds, we went sunbathing as normal on this big un-used soccer field. I've always liked being nude, so when she ******** down to a bikini and I got down into bikini-briefs and we started to put lotion on, I just said, "Hey, do you mind if I take this thing off?" She seemed shocked at first but then said, "Whatever, were just friends, I don't care!" So as I took them off and staring ensued, she didn't hesitate to take off her top piece. She saw me smile, and then proceeded to just toss off the bottom. She was shaved, and noticed I was getting an erection, we stood there for 2 minutes just staring and then finally laid down.

Now, whenever we go sunbathing, we just ***** down like its normal, and now when we hang out alone, its not abnormal for one or two of us to be in the nude.
MangofBoston MangofBoston
26-30, M
Aug 9, 2013