First Time

It was in the late nineties when I decided to take spanish lessons in a small village in the north of Spain. A language school offered a shared appartment and spanish lessons in the morning for three weeks.
I went to Spain by bus. When I arrived to the school´s office on a saturday they asked me if I would mind to share an appartment with two girls. At that time I did not realize that this is not usual in Spain and accepted the kind offer. The two girls were nice and more or less at the same age like I was (23). After taking my stuff to my room the two girls (Alex and Sandra) asked me if I would join them going to the beach. What else would you do in Spain on a sunny weekend? Of course I accepted.
First we rent a bike for me which I would need for the next three weeks. Then I followed them to the beach which took like 15 minutes with the bikes. We arrived to a dune where we parked the bikes. While climbing up the dune and crossing it I realized that this was not a normal beach. There were not too many people around but those I saw were all naked. I complained that they did not tell me where we were actuallly going. The just grinned and told me that it is too late for going back now.
I was embarrased and thrilled at the same time. I would be fully naked beside the two pretty ladies. I just forced my steps foreward without thinking. A few meters ahead we placed our towels and Alex easily undressed herself and smiled on me. I think I stared on her just a moment too long. She had a great body and was fully shaved. Sandra got naked as well and I realized that I would make no use of my bathing suite today. I was ashamed and blushed (at least it feld like this). At the same time an other part of me managed to move my hands to undress me. I found myself naked beside my housemates and I would have prefered to cover up again. But feeling the sun and the wind on those parts that were never exposed to the views of others before was strange and exiting at the same time. Alex and Sndra were talking and laughing but I was occupied with thinking of somthing unerotic in order to avoid any unpleasant reaction ... After a time I started to feel comfortable litte by little. I joint their coversation and dared a sneaking look on their bodies. I´am sure they realized it. Sandra responded with a smile then she took out the suncream and rubbed her body with it. I turned arround to my belly and enjoyed the show. After a while we went for a swim in the atlantic ocean and walked around afterwards chatting. It was great. I felt the views from other people on me and I enjoyed it.

We went for that beach almost every day and as it was only the three of us in the apartment we walked around in the nude there as well.
Three exiting weeks!
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That's a hot story!

Well done

I would have loved to be in your shoes..... ( or flip-flops!) hanging out with 2 cuties, and all of you nude. Exciting to say the least!

Yaeh, we had a good time in Spain. Those guys from language school apoligized for the inconvenience twice. I love those inconveniences :-)