I never had the guts to sunbath naked before, I was more trying to dare myself into just sun bathing in a thong or tiny bikini. But last summer my step sis told me she sunbath and tan naked as often as she can. Only time she don't do it is when she goes to the beach, she had even sunbathed with some of her friends in their gardens even though they didn't. So one time when we both went to one of her friends house on day last summer, it was more or less the last good day to sunbath really, I told her I wanted to try it. This friend of hers is pretty quirky so when we were in the garden just chatting listening to music my step sis took her top off first, and I did too, not that I still don't have anything much to show nobody minded. My step sis friend just undid her bikini top in the back, but shortly after my step sis just threw her shorts off, and to both our surprise (me and her friend) saw she wasn't wearing any undies. I kinda embarrassingly asked her if we should too, and she actually said yes! Nothing really happened, but she asked me if it didn't feel embarrassing for me, even though it did I said no. I kinda told her sorry in advance if I would get hard. I was more glad she didn't felt awkward about it with me wearing what I wear, but most of my step sis friends are cool with it.
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18-21, T
Feb 20, 2014