Apologise this is a really really long story but I had to tell it how I remember.
When I first moved to this city about 10 years ago on my days off I used to sunbathe in the local park, it used to get really busy their in the afternoons so I used to go in the mornings, there we still people about walking dogs playing with kids so no opportunity to get naked, but shorts or Speedos were fine.
One morning I arrived in the area that I used, there was only one other person there this early, I could see it was a blonde girl in her bikini so didn't want to get in her personal space so chose my spot and got my towel out and got undressed. I was already wearing my Speedos so I was quickly applying sun block. The girl in the bikini obviously heard me moving about she looked up saw me and just continued soaking up the early morning sun. So I lay on my back on my towel and shimmied my briefs as far down as I dared, the sun was glorious and I soaked it up, after 30 mins I rolled onto my front and let my back enjoy the sun as I got my book out and lit up a joint I had rolled earlier. There are park police but they are rarely about this early.
The first I noticed was a shadow on the ground next to me I looked up and it was the girl in the bikini, asking if I could give her a cigarette, but as soon as she asked she smelt the weed from my joint, and said "oh". I told her I had only this joint with me but offered her some, ok she said happily and just sat next to me, she chugged on the joint and we chatted, she was from Norway.She had long blonde hair, beautiful body with little boobs. She was new to the city also and like me found the park too busy in the afternoons, as we chatted we were still the only two people in this area of the park and it was almost 11am by now. We finished the joint and were kinda high, just chilled and happy, she asked if she could bring her stuff and join me, sure I said and she wandered off, now I could see her tight *** a work of art with the flimsy bikini bottoms sticking to her butt cheek and giving her a little wedgie,she worked the wedgie out with her finger as she walked. She got her big towel and bag and came lay near me. We chatted for for about two hours and by then the park had filled up, I asked if she wanted to join me the next morning, not sure what she was doing but maybe.
On Sunday morning I get there at the same time not expecting to see Monica again but there she was already, so I walk over say hi and she was like "join me". Quickly undress again and apply sun block, Monica offers to do my back and asks me to do hers. She is wearing a string bikini and when she rolls over it has thong bottoms, I can clearly tell this is not the first time her butt has been in the sun. As I pour the lotion on her back she unknots her bikini top so I can get all her back, but I can't take my eyes off her butt. Its beautifully tanned but you can see the outline of the different bikini bottoms she has worn over time. As I reach the base of her back, I stop unsure if I should continue south so I start on her calves and back of her thighs like she had done for me, "you want me to do your ***" I kind of stutter " of course" she says. I massage the lotion on to her cheeks trying not to be pervy but needing to reach all the bare skin, she opens her legs so I can reach the tops of her inner thighs, I finish this quickly OMG this is getting me aroused, luckily my speedos are holding everything in place. But just in case I get on my front first, get my joint out and we smoke and chat, we turn convo to how good it is to get naked in the sun, we both say it would be good if we could get nude here. So we decide to explore the area when we finish our day tanning. This park is really large with some areas that are left grow wild with long grass but this area is overlooks by apartments on one side and a busy road on another, as we continue we find a little raised area surrounded by a hedge in a horseshoe shape with some large trees sheltering it from the apartments. We go and sit there it looks perfect, surrounded on 3 sides and it is possible to see anyone approaching from the popular flat area below, we just needed to check which direction the sun moves. It was moving out now so we figured it would be perfect from 8am - noon. We stayed there for about two hour smoking and chatting and nobody came near even thought the grassy area below us had now filled up with hundreds of sun worshipers. As we were both working the next 5days we arranged to meet here on Saturday morning.
Unsurprisingly this was all I could think about all week, I kept checking the weather forecast praying it was going to be sunny, 80's all the way. Then I started to worry Monica was not going to show up. Why would she want ***** nude in front of a 25 year old guy she has just met in the park. hell this spot was perfect and I needed to feel the sun on my body, so even if she didn't show I was going to ***** and take my chances alone. On Thursday morning she text me just saying " weather looks glorious for Saturday, see u at our spot @ 8". This really was going to happen.
That evening, I shaved my chest armpits stomach pubes and sack, it is a routine I do every second day but tomorrow I wanted to be super smooth so must have spent 90mins doing what normally takes 10 during my morning showers, applied hair removal cream to my butt as it had been a couple of weeks since I had last done this. I love how my butt feels just after. I thought again about shaving my legs but thought if it went wrong I would look like a plucked chicken for my tanning session tomorrow. I exfoliated and moisturized all over, with the good base tan I keep all year round by using sunbeds for 15 mins per week I was as ready as I could be for tomorrow. I had an amazing sleep and awoke @6.30 showered moisturized again. I prepared a large mixed fruit breakfast for us both to share, I pre rolled a joint and actually put my weed in with my towel because I thought this could be a long day. I chose board shorts and a tee and decided not to pack any Speedos, this way I'm either nude or having to wear long board shorts all day. Just as I was about to leave I text her saying "leaving now" she immediately replied "see you in 10".
There was still a little chill in the air when I went out but the sun was already getting really warn, when I reached our spot, I was first there and began to lay out my towel. The sun was beaming straight into this simi circle and it was a fantastic heat trap, as I took off my tee Monica came into sight walking across the large grass area, she waved. I'm so excited now, PLEASE DON'T LET ME HAVE AN ERECTION WHEN I REMOVE MY SHORTS, I kept murmuring to myself lol
When she reached the opening to our little hideaway she looked stunning, she was wearing a little sun dress and as the sun was beaming from behind her it almost became see through. She bent and kissed me on the cheek, which I was not expecting. Then she laid out her towel next to mine then she had a huge sheet which she laid out over both our towels. I produced the large bowl of chopped fruit and she laughed pulling out a bottle of red sparkling wine and two glasses. "So" she smiles at me and says "are we doing this ?" Sure" I reply and we stand facing each other, I simply stand out of my shorts but as she lifts her dress over her head it gets caught in her hair, but this give me a extra couple of seconds to take in her body, her **** were as perfect as I imagined, small (32b I later found out) so firm it looked as if they were standing to attention, her tiny pink nipple's that were hard from the morning chill or maybe excitement just fitted so perfectly with her boobs. Today she was wearing a piercing in her navel that I had not seen before and it lead my eyes towards her beautifully maintained *****, smooth shaven and completely blemish free, like me she had found a shaving routine that eliminated those red spots, its was obvious she also used sunbeds as her boobs and ***** we nicely tanned just waiting like me for some real sun to bronze up. This was a quick look as I had to help her out of her dress, when we finally got her hair untangled from her dress, we were both laughing really hard and Monica was very red faced, she was vexed as she wanted her unrobeing to be far more dignified. When she did calm down we laughed a little more and then we just took in each others naked bodies for want seemed like ages but was probably no more than 30seconds she even did a little twirl for me so I followed her lead and she quipped "smooth buns, sexy" We both grinned and nodded approval at each other, she took my hand and said lets have breakfast, we both at first tried laying on our sides but finally just sat cross legged across from each other. She went straight to opening the wine while I served up the fruit. The sun was now warming our bodies but there was still no need for sunblock. As we sat there baring our most intimate bits to each other nothing felt more comfortable or natural. The wine was still cool so we both were on our second glass and I suggested we have a little smoke, we discussed how we would work this sunbathing and agreed one of us should remain on look out at all times, we agreed we were not worried about being accused of nudity but very concerned how these charges get blown out of all proportions. So one of us would stay sitting up and we would take it in 30 mins sections. I looked at the time it was only 8.45 and I was a little tipsy a little stoned and I was sat butt naked with this Scandinavian beauty in the warming sun. Life could get no better........ Or so I thought.
" could you please help me with my lotion the sun is get hot now"...my penis which had been sitting happily on my thigh twitched when I heard this request......
If you have gotten this far thank you for you attention I hope you found this story as beautiful and erotic as it was to experience it. There obviously is a conclusion to this tail if anyone wants to hear it drop me a comment and if I get enough I may write it down and share it with you. I don't think anyone will get this far anyway
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More please. Sounds so wonderful

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