Not That Hard

Since I live on a few hundred acres, I can go outdoors naked any time it's warm enough. It's my own land, so no one can tell me I have to put clothes on. The sun warms every part of my body, and I don't have to worry about getting those unsightly tan lines.

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3 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I am a straight male artist but like going nude. In warmer weather I go out in select locations in my yard nude..Mornings early the cool air feels great on my body. Some presidents as well as Ben Franklin did it too. Franklin called it his morning "air bath."<br />
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I am an visual artist. Have taught life drawing for yrs. I still hire models to pose nude for me. In summer we try and fine a nice location on NJ state public property. Yhe model undresses and takes various poses as I draw. Sessions vary from 3 - 6 hrs.<br />
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Been to Gunnison too walkng or sititng in sun nude. Very nice. I have not asked anyone to pose fr me from there but might. I am 75 miles south of Gunnison Beach.

That sounds great, living the dream!

Sounds delicious! This summer I am going to try it!