Today it was a beautiful warm fall day in the month of October so I decided to go to a clothing optional beach on Cape Cod. When I arrived at 10:30 am there were very few people there. I walked past two women, of which one was topless, a couple with the man wearing a see thru thong, and a clothed couple collecting shells. I settled a bit further down the beach and discretely got nude while sitting on my towel. It felt so good being totally naked laying on the sand with the warm sun caressing my body. The other people on the beach noticed I was naked as they strolled the beach and walked past me. A couple of them then felt more comfortable and went nude as well. As the day went on, more people came to the beach and noticed that I was naked and positioned themselves close enough to view my bare body. Occassionally I got up and strolled to the water and walked in the surf comfortabley nude and then returned to my towel. I noticed them all watching me and wished some would join me. I noticed being at the further end of the cluster of people that I was now the only nude person there and one topless woman. It didn't bother me and I continued enjoying the beach completely naked among the couple dozen people. When I put on my shorts to leave the beach and walked past my fellow beachgoers, I was met with many adoring smiles, nice comments, and waves which made me feel really good.
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There's a CO beach on Cape Cod? I didn't know about that one. Where on Cape Cod?

There is Longnook Beach in Truro and Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown which has a clothing optional area far down the beach. I was at Herring Cove this day and didn't feel like hiking that far since it was fairly deserted in the morning and just went naked which everyone seemed to enjoy. Longnook Beach is my favorite and is a town managed CO beach in designated areas.