Because who wants tan lines? :)
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I'm a firm believer in tanning salons. naked tanning as much as you want.

Hi I would love to talk to you , can you msg me

do you have tan lines now or were you successful in avoiding them all summer?

No tan lines now

This is so true and it is more relaxing not having to be bound in a suit....

Would you add me?

I bet your neighbors luv you ;)

I hear you, but tan lines can be sexy :)

Tan lines do focus one's attention so there is an upside, though an all over tan looks great too. ;)

Working on that all over tan today

I was hoping there would be a picture with the story... :(

well said! ;)


True- I don't so I tan nude all the time

Tan lines can be very sexy sometimes !

Hey Tan lines are a great way to accentuate the goodies.....

No one should.


Could not agree more.

bAre Hugs

lovely profile picture! :)

I do like how you think

from your friend's list there is still a bit of devil in you. tan lines would be a crime in your case.

I check for tan line; my tongue is my best sensory organ for that :-P

mmm but sometimes tanlines are so msexy for some reason

I have never had tan lines.They look so unnatural .Also don't like body hair.

Tan lines are overrated. them..

Exactly! I had my doctor query me on my lack of tanlines the other day. I was able to say "No" when she asked me if I went to tanning beds.

Did she have tan lines?

I have no idea. She doesn't conduct her exams in the nude. Unfortunately.

If you look around, fore some reason alot.....

where do you tan nude?


I do it all the time in my backyard.. just get the chair out and lay back naked :)

hard to argue with that logic

I wanna come and see. Let us know when and where next time.