The Pool Guy

Since moving to my house in Havasu, nearly 10 years ago, I have been nude sunbathing by my pool every summer, several times a week.  We rent and the leasing company handles things like our landscaping and pool maintenance.  Needless to say, I've been caught nude by my pool guy on more than one occasion.  In fact, this story is about my 3rd pool guy.  I had already been caught (and ******) by two other pool guys before this one.  They are great stories as well, but I wanted to share this one because it's a fun story and there are actually photos of it (which I hope to put on my profile for everyone to go see!)

The only real difference between this encounter and the others is that my husband was home when it happened and he got a few photos of it.  This was my third pool guy I've had over the years.  I'm not sure what happens with the old ones, but I'm guessing they moved on to better jobs.  It seems like every time I break in the new one and are comfortable, I get a new guy.  I had regular sexual encounters with both of my first two pool guys, almost 100% of it, in, or around my pool as they were coming over to clean the pool.

On this particular afternoon, I was actually lounging nude on a huge raft (it's actually an air mattress that we'd left in the pool from a pool party ******** I'd hosted the weekend before.)  My husband came outside and said that would make for a good photo, so he went back in the house and grabbed his camera, and came out and shot a photo of me just tanning on this raft.  He then went back inside, I assume to work at his computer (we work from home and each have a home office.)

I floated around for a bit and then decided I wanted to read, so I put the mattress away and was tanning on a folding lounge chair when the pool guy showed up.  I didn't even realize it was pool day (honestly!) and when the guy showed up AND was someone I didn't recognize, I nearly freaked out.  He had dropped some equipment around the pool and had actually started scooping out some of the seeds that fall off our palm tree before he even noticed me!   He nearly dropped his net when he saw me and then when he realized I was nude he immediately turned away.  A shy one this was!  He said he was sorry and that he could come back another time.  He started scooping up his gear and I told him not to be stupid, my pool needed cleaning and he was already here, so get to it!  He asked if I was sure, and I said, of course.  So he went back to scooping out the pool and trying his best to not look at me, but over the top of my book I could catch him occasionally glancing at me.  Of course, to entice the glances I spread my legs a little and draped one of them off the side of the chair like it was more comfortable!  The more he glanced over at me, the more I got worked up.

He stayed clear away from my chair while he was working and finally I told him he really needed to clean the area near me too.  So he came over and started cleaning near me.  I asked him what had happened to J (my last pool guy.)  He said that he wasn't sure,  he was just an on-call guy for the leasing company in case they needed a fill-in for a pool cleaner.  I said that's too bad because J had a big ****!  He dropped the net into the pool at that comment and had to step on the first step to fish it back out!  Then I did what I've done with every other pool guy to seduce them and it's worked 100% of the time!

I once read in a piece of erotica about a girl sunbathing and the pool guy was cleaning the pool and the girl asked the pool guy to put on suntan lotion for her and then things proceeded into sex.  I always thought it sounded really cheesy, but when I tried it with my first pool guy, it worked like a charm.  I figured, what the hell, let's go with an old reliable!  I held out my hand and introduced myself as Oasis.  He took my hand (and briefly looked me in the eye before gazing down my naked body and then off to the side like he hadn't just done that) and mumbled that he was G.  I told him it was nice to meet him.  Then I took the lotion and started rubbing it all over my body.  Of course I paid special attention to my ****, and my ***** as I was rubbing it in and, of course, G was going back and forth between working..and paying attention to what I was doing.  Finally I asked him if he'd help put some lotion on my back and I leaned up in the chair.  He turned and looked at me and just stood there for a second, as if deciding what he should do, and then told me that he didn't think he was allowed to do that kind of stuff.  I laughed and said that both of my other pool guys had no problem putting lotion on me.  He said he didn't want to get fired.  I asked him how they would know?  I told him the only way they could find out is if I told them and as far as that mattered, I could already say that he was in my backyard while I was nude!  He thought that over for a few minutes, and then finally, you could see him just say "**** it" in his head and he dropped his net.

Let me pause here for a second.  I realize it will break the erotica and pull you out of the story, but I have to say, this is EXACTLY how this scenario has played out every time I've tried it.  The guys act like they're shy, then say they might get fired, and then shrug and decide to think with their little head and go for it.  Just once, maybe we don't have to go through the motions and the guy will just see me naked, drop the net and come over and offer on his own to put the lotion on me!

Anyway, back to the story!  So he comes over and at first he stands over me, reaching down to lightly rub lotion on my shoulders.  I tell him to get my entire back and go lower and he tries to reach down but has a hard time reaching.  So I tell him to just sit down behind me.  He sat down and then goes to work rubbing the lotion all over my back, occasionally reaching around my sides, but never actually reaching all the way around me to get the good spots!  After a few minutes I actually thought he was going to say he was done and get back up, so I leaned back into him, smashing him into the back of the folding lounge chair.  Now his hands were under my arms but poking straight out in front of us.  So I took them and started rubbing my tummy with his hands in my hands.  Then I ran his left hand up to my **** and his right hand down to my *****.  He got the hint!  He actually reached over and got more lotion, and then went to work rubbing it all over my **** and around my *****, even making it a point to massage my ****, which had me moaning and writhing around a little!  I could feel his **** getting hard against my back!

I sat up and spun around and slid his shorts down enough to get at his ****.  It was already completely hard, so I took some of the lotion and started ******* him off.  He had closed his eyes and I realized I might be putting him over the edge and I didn't want to make him *** before I could get more!  I told him I wanted to suck him, but now he had lotion all over his **** so I said he should jump in the pool.  We stood up and he took his shorts completely off and we climbed in the pool.  Under the water I stroked his **** trying to get most of the lotion off of it.  There was another float in pool so he climbed up and laid down on it.  I took a towel and dried and wiped the rest of the lotion off his **** and then stood next to the raft so that my head was right at the level I could blow him!

Right about here my husband came outside to tell me my cell phone was ringing in the house, and there I was, blowing the new pool guy in the pool!  He said, "Oh what the ****?" and turned around and went back in the house!  G nearly leapt out of the raft when he saw/heard my husband and blurted, "Is that your boyfriend?   I need to get the hell out of here!"  I told him it was my husband and he had nothing to worry about and that it was likely he was just going back in to get his camera.  He didn't seem convinced, but I wrapped my mouth back around his **** and he closed his eyes.  Sure enough, my husband came back out a couple of minutes later with his camera and snapped a few photos and then went back in the house.

Now it was my turn!  I climbed up onto the side of the pool and sat on a towel and laid back on a towel.  I spread my legs and told G to **** me.  He was still hesitant because of my husband, but I told him again that it was fine.  He got off the raft and knelt on the first step of the pool, between my legs, and stood there for a moment.  I grabbed his **** and pulled him closer to me and put the tip of his **** at my *****.  That was the motivation he needed...and he slowly slipped his **** in me.  Just as he was starting to get a rhythm, my husband came back out with the camera and snapped a few more photos and then went back inside.  I figured that would cause G. to lose his concentration, but instead, his thrusts got deeper and faster and after just a few minutes he pulled his **** out and started shooting *** on me.  I yelled at him to get his **** back in me and he immediately shoved back inside me and fired the rest of his *** deep in my *****!  My husband popped back out with the camera (I'm guessing he was watching from the kitchen window at this point and had seen the *******.)  I had a couple of droplets of *** on my stomach, but most of the *** was all in my *****, so there wasn't much of a ******* for him to take photos of! 

G stayed inside me for another minute or so, slowly pumping my ***-filled *****...and then finally fell out of me.  We washed up in the pool and I told G thanks for the good time and I'd see him again soon!  Then I ran inside to **** my hubby since I knew he'd be either angry, or erect or both!  Sure enough, he was hard as a rock watching me through the window, so we had a great **** session right in the kitchen!

Story Update:  Since the time of this writing, G has been my pool guy over a year now.  I guess J moved on for good.  G has ****** me nearly every single time he's come to work on my pool.  And he's even dropped by the house 4-5 times that aren't my usual pool day to say that he needed to replace a filter, or work on the water pump.  Needless to say, my pool is very clean!

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Add me as a friend I wanna see your pictures

Lovely story Oasis. I shot off reading this. I need a carreer change.

I wish I was your poor guy. Just to see a nude woman would rock my world.

i see

What an awesome tale of adventure. These are the type of events most men can only dream of. I couldn't help but stroke myself as i read your story. I'd love to see those pictures someday too! Thanks for getting me all worked up!

Lucky guy

Dooop! I think I am too old to enlist in the Coast Guard..

I'm sure that the Coast Guard is just making sure that a valuable national asset is safe.

You're a true ****...******* other guys bareback...and letting them *** inside your *****. Keep up the good work, gal;)

Great story! Too bad I take of my pool on my own... naked of course!

wo so nice of you to share with us... I am thinking seriously to change my profession to cleaning boy and move around an "Oasis" of love and fun...<br />
<br />
Kisses<br />

We don't have a pool, but my wife has taken to sunbathing nude on our private backyard patio. I think it has something to do with the black meter reader who has to come VERY close to where she is laid out on a chaise facing the meter with her dark glasses pretending to be asleep. He seems to have trouble reading the meter on those days.

Another great story. I have such a ***** right now. Whiz I could clean your pool :-)

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another hot sexual experience, your hubby is a very lucky man

All I can say is.........lucky pool guy :)

Your pen is lethal too.....

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You are doing it Great...Keep writing...please... i beg you. kisses