Naked Joy

I live in the buckle of the Bible belt and I am sadly lacking in locations where I can layout and have the sun drench my body.... in its entirety.  

My yard is not private enough to indulge without fear of offending my neighbors, and the nearest nude beach is 8+ hours.  I have searched craigslist and posted ads for friendly people with private decks or yards, but no luck.  

I sure do miss Robert Moses parking lot 5 on Long Island and Gunnison Beach in NJ.



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5 Responses Sep 30, 2009

I live in KY and have been thinking about Rock Haven Lodge, has anyone had any experience with it? We come to Nashville quite often.<br />

I concur with IN, but, although I lived in Nashville for three years, I never tried a TN resort.

Hmmm Sorry to hear that. My experiences have been almost entirely positive.

I went to a nudist resort around Cookville, TN a few years ago and found it weird and awkward. I love social nudity, but I don't think I like nudist resorts.

Maybe check out Rock Haven Lodge...<br />
<br />