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I often go to the beach which is less than a 5 minute drive from home (less than a quarter mile away) and find comfort and relaxation there.  Being a nudist I am always topless on the beach, but do respect other families rights as this is not a nudie beach.  It is not a crowded beach as there is usually no one there except for the spear and pole fisherman who don't mind a whole lot.  I usually walk about 10 minutes from the entrance-still in clear view of anyone who does come- and shed my top as soon as I hit the sand.  If it looks like no one will mind, I lose my bikini bottoms also.  If there is someone who looks like they will object, I keep them on until I go into the water.  I almost always remove my bottoms before jumping into the ocean because it really has healing effects on my body and rejuvenates me.  If needed I will slip them back on when I return to my towel, but always remain topless.  I've been doing this since highschool and have had friends and strangers come to join me.  I don't make a scene when people stare or try to get into precarious positions to get a better look, but still let them "get their jollies" if thats how they need to get it.  It may not be the postcard picture beach, but it really is heavenly and offers me my sanity.  Last night I was there after a jog to cool down and ended up staying until the sun set because it was so beautiful.  These 3 teenage boys were wrestling and playing on the shore and kept moving down in my direction paying no attention to me, even as they ran and wrestled each other right next to me.  I totally naked and had to watch to make sure that they didn't run me over.  It was quite hilarious when they finally did realize that I had been sunbathing nude the entire time.  I was a little turned on as the 17 or so year olds measured every inch of me with their eyes.  Nothing happened and they apologized.  I told them not to worry as I chose to be here in my birthday suit and am comfortable with being nude and with others seeing me this way.  They continued on in their fun and I enjoyed the setting sun with all it's colors reflecting off the sky and ocean and loved every minute of it.

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just love that you like to show others i sure wish i could see you ..please add me thank you


sexy story.....

the boys got to see your gorgeous ****. very nice of you

i would love to be a nudist but i live in the part of the world where it is considered as bad. I am an exhibitionist and it just give me an excitment and rejunviates me everytime. I wish i could do it freely like u do.

Wow nice job sounds like it would be great fun to be there with you. Wish I was one of those boys I would find greater pleasure being with you then wrestling the others unless it was over or for you.

You Rock. :)

Wow, that is awesome. I wish more people could be as relaxed as you are. It would be a much better world.

We found many private or quiet beaches in Hawaii where we did the same thing. It was healing.