Sailing Naked

I love to be out on the water enjoying the warm sunshine and gentle breezes that sailing without clothes allows. The enjoyment of the all over tan, plus the feeling of being in tune with nature is exhilarating. For long range sailing, this is a lot more common than people would think, due to the pure logistics of doing laundry as well. Whenever I have a chance, believe me... The clothes come off!

TheWildOnes TheWildOnes
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4 Responses Dec 1, 2009

We get it and have similar experiences on our power boat. Penned a story about one on my profile.

Yes, wildone, there is definitely an upside to it--and such a beautiful upside. <br />
<br />
And, thanks, sailor25. Appreciate the sentiment.

Jen ~Glad you think the way that you do!<br />
There is definitely an "up side" to it!

Now, that's a win-win situation. We enjoy the view. You enjoy the breeze. I see no downside.