First Backyard Nude Day Of The Year

we got to enjoy our first nude day on the deck today.  We were enjoying breakfast out on the deck, and although thought it would be a little cool, found the sun to  be very warm and energizing.  I laid in the deck loungs and took my shirt off to get some sun on my chest.  Nancy came out from taking the breakfast dishes, and proceeded to dance to the music that was playing on the radio.  she lifted her shirt and flashed me and then proceeded to take it off.  She was waving her shirt in the air and threw it at me.  then she started to pull her yoga pants down and moon me. she shook her cute *** in my face and then took her pants off and thre them at me as well.   I can't begin to tell you how much we enjoy being naked outside together and how much fun it is to watch her walking around in the sun by our pool.  we enjoyed a fun hour nude by the pool before going to work.  what a great way to start the day, and makes me look forward to more sunny warm days around here. 

nudemdcouple10 nudemdcouple10
6 Responses Apr 12, 2010

We're building a patio area in the Spring with a hot tub for just that purpose, nude recreation under the sun in the backyard! Can't wait!

hey nudy. will be this week-end. still rainy today though. :(

where in jamaica, Just?

We get to go to a nude beach for the first time this summer when we are vacationing to Jamaica.

found a hot spot today and got nude for the first time this year. I love the sun and being naked so much

My wife and I both love living in sunny Arizona, plenty of nice warn/hot days to go naked