Studland Bay Nudist Beach Uk

My wife and I visit studland bay nudist beach as often as we can, living 60 miles from the coast it’s just the odd weekend. Last year we were in the sand dunes just off the beach when I noticed a twicher . (a bird watcher, studland is also a wild bird reserve) but he wasn’t looking at the wildlife but at my naked wife with his binoculars just 15 feet away. I told the wife she was being watched and she looked round to see where he was, after about 10 minutes my wife said that she has had enough of this pervert, and was going to give him something to look at, With that she stood up and walked round a bit still naked in front of him ( she has brown hair 38d boobs, clean shaven, nice round ***) she then to my surprise turned her back on him and bent over and picked up a small shell giving him a beautiful view of he *** , she kept this pose for10-15 seconds all the time the twicher didn’t move his binoculars from his eyes. Then she sank to her knees and crawled over to her towel to give him an unbelievable rear view of her shaved ***** and ***. I could see that he had to make adjustments in his trouser department still looking through his binoculars, my wife reach the towel put her head down *** up and pulled her cheeks of her *** apart giving him a fantastic view of her ***** and *******. This was just too much for the twicher he took his **** out to have a **** but came in seconds he cleaned him self up put his binoculars away in its case got up and walked away. A happy twicher I hope. The wife said, after he had gone. That she enjoyed giving a complete stranger a good look at her ***** and ******* I could see that she was quite wet and I wondered how close it looked in his binoculars . This is a true story.
clenchcommon clenchcommon
Jul 15, 2012