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I use to go from the bac of the house to the front undressed.  Problem was a friend of my neighbors said they saw me running in my house with no clothes.  So I stopped it of respect of others.  Of course, I still sleep in the nude.

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i would love to be nude at home with wife, but with kids, maid and visitors - its not possible

Keep running around your house nude! In your house you can do whatever you want! If your neighbor sees you running naked in your house and has a problem they should come over and tell you. Then you can tell them why you do it and if they don't like your reason that is their problem.

I'm glad you still sleep nude! I sleep nude too and I am a nudist inside and outside. I have been a nudist for 49 years and I love being naked in my home. I MIGHT put on clothes if a stranger comes to my door but that is the exception. Not a lot of people know I am a nudist but if I have the opportunity to tell them I like being nude I tell them.

Don't be afraid to say what you feel my friend!

Nakednfree, 66 years young man

I like sleeping in the nude, I have done it for many years, having clothes on in bed is most irritable and uncomfortable. I feel that if all couples slept nude there would be more intimacy, closeness and sensuality.

Man's home is his castle. They need to respect that and just keep their own side of the street clean. You show no one disrespect by being yourself in your own home. Their friend didn't even live in your neighborhood and decides what you should do or not do in your own home!?! You neighbors are concerned that what you do in your home might offend a stranger? I'd be angry that someone is staring into my house like that. Do you think that the neighbors just made that up and it is their problem?

I think your neighbors were disrespectful to you by looking in your windows, I walk around nude in my apartment all the time. I feel it is your house do what makes you happy, we all came in this world nude, therefore it is our right to go around nude in our house.

Curtains or blinds are the best way to go.

They can be adjusted to let light in, and keep the neighbors viewing eyes out.

Then be comfortably nude in your own house.


Curtains or blinds are the best way to go.

They can be adjusted to let light in, and keep the neighbors viewing eyes out.

Then be comfortably nude in your own house.


i love being nude in doors or out

i am nude at the moment while writing this

first off i gotta say that your neighbors dont have the right to dictate your actions on your the same time though it's nothing some good window shades cant fix..but i'm afraid it's probably too late as they are probably on the lookout for some nakedness everytime they glare towards your house so be careful of for being naked..ahhh it's so stress releiving i dont know why more people dont do it in their own homes really..and even better going to a nudist beach your thing girl..

Hi , i think theres nothing wrong with nudity , i often go around the house naked if alone or even when the wifes home , but obviously not when the kids are home , an ex of mine was a member of a nudist club & i enjoyed many a visit there with her , i found it very liberating .

If you really believe nudity can be non-sexual, then it is NOT obvious why you should be always clothed when the kids are home.

I'm naked in view of my kids. It's not sexual and they see it as normal. We were allowing them to go nude around the house so long as there weren't neighbors over until one of them broke the rules. He wasn't seen but my wife flipped out for fear it would be talked about at school if he was caught

nothing like a cool breeze on your bits i say.

Wow, that was quite an exchange. If you are in the privacy of your home, then can be a compromise between your nudity and being seen by children. Here in the US it is a nut nation regarding nudity and the fundamentalists and the overzealous parents who think that nudity is a crime of the highest order. I think we owe that to the extremely high level of ********** we find here in the US.

If you are conducting normal business in your home then I would not worry about the neighbors. If however, you are standing in the window showing off your body parts, then a different standard applies. I believe that you are just conducting the business of living at home and I would not worry about it too much. I lived in an apartment in Florida and my windows faced the lovely garage. I kept my blinds open all the day and at night a closed them a bit so you could see a bit but not the entire scenario. This worked very well for me for over 16 months until I moved back north.

Maybe not but the doctors depants me when I go there.

Last time they ******** me. Oh well Go read my profile.

you can't be nude in your own house, that ******* sucks dude.

I love to be out in the open air, naked and free. See my story

We live in such a sexualised society, constantly being bombarded by the media with imagery and stories, why aren't they minding the children?

I like to be naked in my own home, and that is my right, I do not desport myself at the windows or flash people, and I am sick and tired of having to regulate what I do because some people decided they need to overpopulate the planet, and then won't control their appalling offspring. I am expected to cover for these people at work when one of their progeny gets a sniffle and they bugger off home, and now I'm not allowed to do what I want in my own home.

So If they don't like what they see then tell them to stop looking. That is just my thoughts.

I agree with Jack. Why let some peeping Toms dictate your life? Be naked and free. if it's an issue... one word.


They were looking through your windows, they were being nosey, where was their respect?

I'm not into embarrassing people but in my own home I do what I like.