Love Being Nude

Once I found out what it means to be n.a.k.e.d I loved it.
Try to whenever I'm home or anywhere else I can without being arrested.
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6 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Almost anything is better when done in the nude.

Well, snow removal and clearing poison ivy are better dressed. With those exceptions, I prefer to be completely naked and don't mind if I'm seen.

Same here - cheers!

I too am always nude at home, and everywhere else allowed, especially friends homes, and while driving. It is so pleasing and comfortable! Glad for you! Plz read some of my stories and we can be friends if you like.


Keep it going....

at home, sure. me the same lots of times ...

Same here. In the U.S., women have it easier than men,though. More often than not, a woman caught nude in a public place will not have the cops called on her, like a man would. In any case, more power to you.