Saved My Favorites

I have recently moved from my pokey little flat into a house.

Normaly with all this kind of upheval i would have to get rid of my shoes, the wife would go spare if she found them and there would be no hiding them in a house move.

I smuggled my favorites into work and stashed them in my locker for a week.

If it wasn't for the lovely comments and encoragement of Nuevo ( and a couple of others ) I would now be trying to go through another period of trying to deny my love of wearing high heels.

Three cheers for you!

Heellover Heellover
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8 Responses Mar 13, 2009


That tickled me, genuinly brought tears of laughter to my eyes!

How do you get a dog to walk in shoes like that? xp

I've been walking the dog late at night just to get my high heel fix. Ooh, i've never put it quite like that before. It's never been a "fix" its always been a treat before.<br />
Anyway, yeah, found a local park with a tarmac path all the way round. Never yet been to the shops in heels though. I have thought about it with a strange sort of excitement. Eek! I'm not sure whats more worying walking the dog just to wear heels or getting excited about the thought of going shopping in heels.

Heellover- thx grrrl. I don't mind the hairy legs! Cankles are the bane of my existence. Here's my wwhine: the only place I have to go out to is the grocery store! >_< <br />
<br />
Cankles be damned, in my clubbing days I stood 4 inches higher to the clouds in my stilettos! These days, Tevas and hiking boots. But, ROCK ON Grrrlz!

Hey qazrazl, what's worse cankles or hairy legs? I say don't be shy, get some heels on. <br />
If i may quote some good advice Nuevo gave me, long jeans! I bought myself a pair that are far too long for my legs and have now been out clubbing 3 times, including last night.

Do please tell us how it goes. X

Heellover, great pic! I have cankles and I just don't look good in heels. Rock on!

I've just worked out how to ad a picture.<br />
check it out, excuse the hairy legs!