Strappy High Heel Sandals

Got my first pair of strappy high heel sandals three months ago. Now have 12 pairs. Heel height is 3 to 5.5 inches. I have purchased all mine in stores, rather than on line. I like to see what I am getting and also see that I am getting a reasonably good fit. Walking around a womens shoe store in high heels is so much fun and is a big turn on for me. All the sales people I have dealt with have been very professional and courteous. I tell them up front that I am buying them for me, rather than making up some kind of story. As I was paying for my first pair, I mentioned to my sales lady that I have been wearing thongs and panties daily for the past 18 months. I described the kind that I wear with lace, ruffles, bows and tie sides in feminine colors such as pink, lilcac, light yellow, etc. She said that mine are sexier than hers and the other ladies she works with. I have been wearing my strappy high heel sandals everyday. They look great with my thongs and panties.

kfsteve kfsteve
61-65, M
Aug 15, 2009