I Know, Coincidence, But...

I love finding relationships between numbers. Although tokens and profile views have no real relationship between them, right now I have 38 tokens and 1444 profile views. 38 * 38 = 1444. The number 1444 is pretty lovely. That is why I couldn't resist sharing this.
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2 Responses Feb 20, 2013

I like to do that too. When I'm in the elevator, I'll try to find relationships between the floor numbers that other people press.

Have you ever seen the movie 23? It's the only number movie I've seen (i think). its all about how the number 23 dictates a man's life. i cant remember, but i think it was kind of a thriller movie. anyway, just thought I should tell you :P

hmm, never heard it. But Kevin Spacey is a great actor.