I Think I May Have A Nursing Bra Fetish

When my wife and I were courting she surprised me by wearing a nursing bra and letting me suckle her breasts. After we were married about 3 years I developed a diaper fetish and began wearing and wetting when I could. My wife did not like me "dressing like a baby" and would not participate in my new fetish. Later in life I tried to get her to wear a nursing bra for me, but she saw the little symbols on the bra which are supposed to help a baby want to nurse and thought that it was just too babyish. Oh well. . . . Anyway, I just love the way the bra surrounds the breast even when the flap is down. It is the ultimate in peekaboo bras!
CoryDL CoryDL
70+, M
Sep 14, 2012